The Secret Use for Apple EarPods You Didn’t Know About

Calling all iPhone photographers and selfie enthusiasts: We’ve just found another way to snap the perfect photo using — get this — your headphones. Long gone are the days of singular-use EarPods; with this discovery, you can now use them as an alternative shutter button to get the perfect shot every single time, you future Instagram star, you.

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Just plug your Apple EarPods (, $29) into your iPhone, open the Camera app, and press either volume button on the EarPods to capture a stable photo instead of fumbling for that shutter button with your thumb or trying to reach around to the volume buttons on the side of your iPhone. This trick works for starting video recordings, too.

You could also go one step further by propping your phone up and using the headphones as a discreet wired remote, making that self-portrait session so much easier.

To buy:, $29