Searching for a New Bed? Here Are the Best Places To Buy a Mattress Online

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When you consider the average person may spend around half their life in bed, the importance of making it a comfortable place to chill out, rest and get a good night’s sleep cannot be overstated. Key elements include pleasant surroundings, a solid bed foundation and a comfortable set of sheets. But it’s perhaps your mattress choice that is most pivotal in this equation. To help you find the best mattress for your individual needs, we’ve put together a list of the best places to buy a mattress online.

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What To Consider Before Buying a Mattress

Buying a new mattress is a lot like buying a new car. Like cars, one of the most overwhelming things in the process is just how many different models and types of mattresses there are to choose from. However, as with the vehicle you drive every day, it is worth taking the extra bit of time to figure out exactly which of these models and types is best suited to your needs.

Knowing the best place to buy a mattress online isn’t the same as knowing the best mattress to buy. Your friends may have mentioned their new Casper, Puffy Lux or Nectar mattress, but if you go straight to a single brand’s website, you may miss out on a whole range of other mattress brands which may be better suited to your individual needs.

Here are three key factors to consider when it comes to buying the right mattress. Answer each and head over to one of the best places to buy a mattress to find a mattress model which aligns with your preferences.


If you’re buying a mattress for a new home or apartment, deciding on the right size is an important decision. Obviously, if you’re limited by the amount of space, your decision is going to be made for you. However, if you’re free to choose any size of available mattress, there are plenty of options to choose from. In general, if you love space around you when you sleep, a single person should shoot for a full mattress and a couple should be looking at a king or California king.

If you’re replacing an old mattress, it’s important to know the size of the mattress you’re replacing to ensure you order the right product. While an obvious point, it’s not an unfamiliar situation that a mattress needs exchanging because the wrong size was ordered. Additionally, if you’re ordering a mattress to match with a new foundation, ensure you order the same size for both pieces.

Here are the most popular mattress sizes with their corresponding measurements:

  • Twin – 38” x 75”

  • Twin XL – 38” x 80”

  • Full – 54” x 74”

  • Queen – 60” x 80”

  • King – 76” x 80”

  • California King – 72” x 84”


After choosing a mattress that actually fits in your space, the second most important aspect to consider is how firm you want it to be. This ranges from ultra-plush to extra-firm. This decision is best made by taking your personal sleeping habits into account, such as back or side sleeping, alongside whichever firmness is going to allow you to best maintain a neutral sleeping alignment throughout the night. In general, you will find that lighter sleepers tend to prefer softer mattresses while firmer mattresses are preferred by heavier sleepers.

Mattress Type

Picking a mattress type is where things can get a little bit complicated. You can choose between full-spring mattresses, 100% foam mattresses or hybrids, which are a bit of both. In general, spring beds offer more bounce, while foam is more responsive and molds to your body shape more effectively, especially if you change position during the night. And some people find that hybrids, which can use the best parts of springs and foam, are the most comfortable option. For a more comprehensive look at the types of mattresses, head over to this online guide.

How We Chose the Best Places to Buy Mattresses Online

As we mentioned previously, there are a lot of options when it comes to buying one of the best mattresses. To ensure we found the best places to buy mattresses online, we followed a set of guidelines and only chose sites that met certain standards. One of the major factors when it comes to mattresses is ensuring it feels like you’re getting value for your money. A mattress can be a sizable financial investment, so you always want to feel like you’re getting high-quality materials and workmanship for your money, rather than throwing it away. Beyond this, we looked through thousands of ratings and reviews to ensure the mattresses have wide appeal and aren’t just suited to a limited number of outlying sleepers.

Some final elements which helped finalize our decision when choosing the best place to buy a mattress online were the accompanying trial period, delivery and warranty. While not exactly glamorous, each factor can make a big difference during the purchasing process. Let’s have a look at why:

  • Trial Period – A mattress trial period gives you a set amount of time to try the mattress in your home. If you decide you don’t like it, you can return it and get a full refund. This handy addition ensures you’re comfortable sleeping on your new mattress. Most commonly, this period lasts for 100 days, but can also last up to a year with some manufacturers.

  • Delivery – Not only does having delivery included with your mattress make the whole process easier, but it also prevents any unpleasant hidden delivery fee after you’ve decided on the mattress you want. Plus, clear, reliable delivery direct to your home (often in a box or with a white-glove service) can be worth hundreds of dollars and also save you hours of hassle and concern.

  • Warranty – A comprehensive warranty provides buyers with confidence that the manufacturer believes in the quality of their product. The longer the warranty, the longer you have to have the mattress replaced, repaired or refunded if the manufacturing or workmanship falls short of the acceptable level. While a 10-year warranty is most common, some companies offer longer, reaching 25 years or a lifetime in some cases.

Lastly, it’s recommended you renew your mattress at least every 10 years. If you just cringed at this number, thinking about the number of years you’ve been sleeping on the same mattress, now is the time to invest in a new one.

We’ve rounded up the best places to buy a mattress online. Although some of these shops have physical stores which you can visit across the USA, you’ll likely find a more complete line of their products online. This is one of online shopping’s major benefits, in addition to the fact that a delivery person will bring your new mattress right to your doorstep. Read on to find the right mattress for you.

1. Saatva


Saatva offers premium quality mattresses at more affordable prices than most other luxury mattress brands. Their most popular mattress is the Saatva Classic, which is made from a combination of high-quality materials, features a lumbar zone for greater support and delivers near-unbeatable comfort. All Saatva mattresses are made in the USA and use materials like organic cotton and CertiPUR-US certified foam in their production. Furthermore, mattresses come with a 180-night home trial which includes the option to return the mattress using a hassle-free service, as well as free pick up. We think this indicates Saatva is pretty confident you won’t be returning your new mattress anytime soon.

best place to buy a mattress saatva
best place to buy a mattress saatva

Buy: Saatva Mattresses

2. DreamCloud


What makes DreamCloud’s luxury hybrid mattress stand out from the crowd is the hotel-quality specification for a budget-friendly price. For under $1000, you can have The DreamCloud mattress in your home, alongside two pillows, a mattress protector and accompanying sheets, all included. The mattress is also covered by a lifetime warranty and delivered for free via DreamCloud’s no-contact delivery service. Sleepers also get to try out the combination of memory foam and innerspring coils for 365 days before having to fully commit to the purchase. Plus, this mattress has won multiple awards, which comes as less of a surprise when you discover the multi-layer design that provides individualized support for your body shape and sleeping style.

best place to buy mattress online dreamcloud
best place to buy mattress online dreamcloud

Buy: DreamCloud Mattresses

3. Casper


Casper has spent years studying the science behind why sleep is so important, which, coupled with real customer desires and feedback, has resulted in a range of mattresses that are definitely worth your consideration. Leading the line is the Casper Original, their most popular mattress which delivers balanced support and comfort in the form of targeted support zones and a top layer of perforated breathable foam. The other options in Casper’s three-mattress range are the Wave Hybrid and Nova Hybrid. Each of these mattresses is also available in a Hybrid or Hybrid Snow model, offering an alternative construction and next-level extras like an improved cool-to-the-touch sensation or thermal highways for better temperature management.

best place to buy mattress online casper original
best place to buy mattress online casper original

Buy: Casper Mattresses

4. Amerisleep


If you’re a fan of memory foam, here’s the best place to buy a mattress. Amerisleep is a brand dedicated to providing the best memory foam mattresses for a comfortable and cool night’s rest. Where some traditional memory foam mattresses are known for being too hot to be comfortable, these mattresses utilize the brand’s signature Bio-Pure material to provide enhanced airflow, resulting in the cooler sleep experience the brand is known for. Plus, if you have a favorite sleeping style, such as on your back or side, then there are specific mattress styles that are better suited to supporting specific sleeping positions.

best place to buy a mattress amerisleep
best place to buy a mattress amerisleep

Buy: Amerisleep Mattresses

5. Tuft & Needle


Tuft & Needle’s popular Original Mattress is made up of two high-quality layers of foam. A top layer of three-inch T&N adaptive foam with graphite is supported by a seven-inch layer of foundational support foam, delivering a sleeping experience that falls on the firmer side of the scale and makes it ideal for back or stomach sleepers. Beyond the Original, Tuft & Needle also offers two cooler and firmer models in the form of the Mint Mattress and T&N Hybrid Mattress. For confidence in any purchase, all models are supplied with thousands of customer ratings and reviews, while T&F’s in-box delivery and 100-night sleep trial only add to the enjoyable customer experience.

best place to buy mattress online mint mattress
best place to buy mattress online mint mattress

Buy: Tuft & Needle Mattresses

6. Nectar


If you’re looking to get a great deal by purchasing a mattress, a frame and bedsheets altogether, Nectar might be your answer. Just one example where multiple purchases can save you the big bucks is The Nectar Bundle. This set includes the super-popular Nectar Mattress, a foundation and a Serenity Bundle, giving you everything you need to get some of the best sleep you’ll ever have. Nectar’s mattresses are known for their body-hugging comfort which still keeps you cool through the night. This is thanks to their soft, breathable poly-blend which includes heat-wicking, cooling technology. Below that, multiple layers of foam gently cradle your frame for a sleeping experience with minimal motion transfer (particularly handy for couples with a restless sleeper). Furthermore, Nectar offers several other combos, many of which can be tailored to your individual preferences to ensure you get the exact bedroom setup you’re after.

best place to buy mattress online the nectar mattress
best place to buy mattress online the nectar mattress

Buy: Nectar Mattresses

7. Parachute


If you’re not really into foam and prefer innerspring mattresses, Parachute’s Eco Comfort Mattress is hard to beat. The foam-free construction uses a combination of pure New Zealand wool, 100% organic cotton and tempered steel to create a sleeping surface that falls on the firmer side of the scale. However, what makes Parachute’s mattress different from your traditional innerspring mattress is the balance of comfort, breathability and support you feel when lying down. This is in part thanks to the smart design which delivers a firmer feel at your head and feet. In addition, the mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, a 100-day trial and free ground shipping to all 50 states.

best place to buy mattress online parachute
best place to buy mattress online parachute

Buy: Parachute Mattresses

8. Purple


Purple mattresses are stocked in over 2,000 stores across the USA, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get to see their full range in person. However, when shopping online you can be confident in knowing you’re checking out every mattress type and style Purple has to offer, allowing you to compare each one against the others to ensure you pick the best one for you.

Purple is also one of the most popular mattress brands, with options including the standard Purple, the Purple Hybrid and the Purple Hybrid Premium. Purple is also well known for the company’s iconic Purple GelFlex Grid surface, which adapts as you move, dissipates body heat as you sleep and provides plenty of cushioning and general support throughout the night to keep you comfortable.

purple best place to buy a mattress
purple best place to buy a mattress

Buy: Purple Mattresses

9. Allswell


With a mattress named The Brick, it likely comes as little surprise that Allswell is a great place to drop by if your priority is support. But don’t be tricked into thinking that’s all they offer, as Allswell’s four-mattress range includes a number of options for sleepers looking for a middle-of-the-road mattress, too. Allswell’s most popular mattress is The Allswell, a hybrid, entry-level option which boasts a range of high-level features. These include individually-wrapped coils to minimize motion transfer, charcoal and copper-infused gel for better heat management and a layer of Allswell’s signature quilting for noteworthy comfort. All mattresses in Allwell’s mattress-in-a-box range come with a 100-night trial, free shipping and returns and the offer to remove your old mattress at the same time.

best place to buy mattress online allswell home
best place to buy mattress online allswell home

Buy: Allswell Mattresses

10. Zinus


With high-quality mattresses starting at less than $100, Zinus is a great option for buyers on tighter budgets. In addition to being easier to afford, Zinus mattresses all ship for free and require nothing more than releasing from the box they are delivered in. Zinus produce their very own bedding foam which delivers an appealing level of comfort for the price, while their mattress range includes foam, spring and hybrid options. Uniquely, Zinus uses a number of infusions in production, such as green tea, olive oil and charcoal, as well as more eco-friendly materials including bamboo and tencel in mattress production. Lastly, Zinus mattresses also include free delivery and come with a 100-night trial period as a standard.

best place to buy mattress online zinus
best place to buy mattress online zinus

Buy: ZINUS Mattresses

11. Birch


If a non-toxic, eco-friendly mattress that is handmade in the USA from thoughtfully sourced materials sounds like something which aligns with how you think, the Birch Natural Mattress should be calling to you. Each organic, hybrid mattress offers a medium-firm sleeping experience that also prioritizes coolness and breathability to further aid your good night’s rest. All-natural materials found in the mattress include Global Organic Textile Standard-certified organic cotton, hygroscopic organic wool and natural Talalay latex. In addition, a Luxe version of the mattress, which includes upgraded materials like organic cashmere, is available. Furthermore, both mattresses come with a 100-night trial, free shipping to all 50 states and a 25-year warranty.

best place to buy mattress online birch living
best place to buy mattress online birch living

Buy: Birch Mattresses

12. Leesa


When it comes to finding the right mattress, Leesa’s website has a useful comparison section that showcases their three signature styles of mattresses and their respective features. Being able to see the most important information regarding the Leesa Original, Leesa Hybrid and Leesa Legend mattresses make the job of directing you to the model which is best suited to your sleeping preferences a lot simpler. In addition, for every 10 mattresses sold, Leesa donates one mattress to charity. And even though you’re unlikely to be buying 10 mattresses at one time, you can at least sleep well knowing your individual purchase went some way to helping out a good cause.

best place to buy a mattress leesa
best place to buy a mattress leesa

Buy: Leesa Mattresses

13. Sleep Number


It’s perfectly normal for you to have a different sleep pattern from your partner. In fact, it’s the exact reason Sleep Number has taken it upon itself to provide couples with the ideal solution for solving this dilemma. These two-person mattresses make it possible for each sleeper to enjoy their own elevation setting without affecting the person sleeping next to them. So if one of the two of you happens to snore, this might be exactly what you need. Furthermore, most mattresses are supplied with a 100-night trial and a 15-year limited warranty, as well as the option to have it delivered to your home and set up for you.

best place to buy a mattress sleep number
best place to buy a mattress sleep number

Buy: Sleep Number Mattresses

14. Amazon


Amazon is an online warehouse of just about anything and everything you can think of, including mattresses. Within their impressive range of mattresses, you’ll find all different types, including memory foam, innerspring and hybrids. What’s great about shopping for your mattress on Amazon is you’re not limited to one mattress brand, either. And although Amazon does offer a few of their own-brand mattresses, they also stock a huge variety of well-known brands, such as Casper, Sealy and Linenspa, in addition to some lesser-known alternatives, which come with more approachable price tags.

To top it off, Amazon has one of the best customer review and rating systems you will find. This means that with a little research, you can feel confident knowing you are investing in a mattress that is tried and tested and already loved by hundreds, if not thousands of existing customers.

amazon buy a mattress best place
amazon buy a mattress best place

Buy: Amazon Mattresses $322.25

15. Avocado


From adult beds to kids and cribs, Avocado has an eco-friendly mattress to fit every bed size. Their goal of being one of the world’s most sustainable brands can be seen in each mattress model, all of which are certified organic and non-toxic. This environmental awareness spreads as far as the Avocado Vegan Mattress, which uses GOLS organic certified latex and cotton to help achieve its vegan certification and PETA approval. In addition, you can add a luxury, plush pillowtop to the mattress for a more gentle feel when you sleep. Plus, each mattress is accompanied by a 365-day trial, free shipping to 48 states and a 25-year limited warranty.

best place to buy mattress online avocado green mattress
best place to buy mattress online avocado green mattress

Buy: Avocado Mattresses

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