Scrooged: Will Carry On Bags be Banned for Christmas?


Amid threats of a terrorist attack, U.S. and U.K. officials are considering a ban on carry-on bags during holiday travel. (Thinkstock)

Every American is born with certain rights — freedom of speech, a fair trial, and the right to fly with a carry-on. Or so we thought. 

According to a report from NPR, counterterrorism officials are thinking about banning carry-on bags on flights during Christmas. This development comes after U.S. and U.K. officials received intelligence that suggests al-Qaida is planning a high-profile attack on commercial flights.

The Express newspaper reported that the potential plot involves the smuggling of bombs onto five passenger planes bound for major cities in Europe. U.S. officials told NPR that no U.S.-bound flights are involved in the plot.

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In addition to carry-on bags, electronics may also be banned on flights this holiday season. (Thinkstock)

NPR reports that last year, John Pistole, the head of the Transportation Safety Administration, described an explosive that looked like toothpaste that could be used to bring down a commercial aircraft. This “next generation” of explosives is what officials are worried about. 

As a way to prevent the terror plot, officials have been toying with the idea of banning carry-on baggage and electronic devices on planes. Instead, passengers would be expected to place their cellphones, iPads, and computers in checked bags, where a bomb is more likely to be detected. However, according to all reports, no steps have been taken at this time to enact either ban. 

So your carry-on is safe… for now.

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