Scottish Terrier's Cute Way of Begging for Pizza Is Positively Irresistible

If your dog is anything like this hungry Scottish Terrier, you know just how hard it can be to say no to their begging. There's something about those big, pleading eyes and the way they act so cute and innocent that's darn near impossible to resist.

We're so glad that @ruthielovescoffee pulled out her phone to capture her pup's adorable begging attempts--especially once we saw the terrier's precious way of pleading with his mom. We can't speak for anyone else, but it simply melted our hearts!

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What a precious little guy! We aren't surprised in the slightest that he's working so hard for a bite of pizza--that stuff is delicious! We know people who would beg for a piece, too... ourselves included.

Just as we suspected, there are tons of commenters rallying in support of the pleading dog. An adorable trick like his begging dance definitely deserves a reward! Unfortunately, it sounds like pizza won't be the best dog treat in this case.

Even though @itscharliethesausage reasoned, "Give him at least a pepperoni! You need to pay the cheese tax lady," Ruthie responded: "Y’all, he can’t have pizza because he has a heart condition!! He got some healthy green beans though!"

Well, we suppose we can't argue with that. Keeping our dogs healthy and happy is our number one goal as pet parents, so we applaud Ruthie for making the smart choice. In fact, Hill's Pet Nutrition explained that pizza isn't even a good treat for dogs who are healthy. A number of ingredients, including cheese, seasonings, and herbs, can cause stomach upset in some dogs. In most cases, though, there's no need to worry.

The next time your dog wants a bite of your food, take Ruthie's advice and give them an alternative treat!

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