Scott Disick and Brody Jenner condemned for using ‘racist’ app

Scott Disick and Brody Jenner are under fire after promoting Gradient, an app that changes the appearance of people’s skin color. According to the app’s website, Gradient uses AI technology to show users what they would supposedly look like if they were “born on a different continent.” . “You need to try this new feature in the Gradient app, it’s crazy,” Jenner wrote in a now-deleted tweet alongside photos of himself imagined as African, Asian and Indian. . “Tried new filters in the Gradient app. Which one is better?” Disick similarly wrote in a now-deleted tweet with photos of himself using the Europe, Asia and India filters. Both celebrities have since reuploaded their filtered faces on the platform and turned off comments. . Based on the updated posts it appears that the two reality TV stars were paid to promote the app and its new feature. Social media users quickly responded to both Jenner and Disick, noting that the app — and the celebrities’ posts — were “racist.”. Many critics noted that the Gradient filters were a form of digital blackface. It’s also a prime example of two white males profiting off of Blackfishing