Scorpio season starts today, and there's a good chance you're going to find your soulmate

Scorpio season starts today, October 23rd. And we can expect…the unexpected. Spooky! This Scorpio season is slightly different from what we’d usually experience. Yes, we have the usual elements of Scorpio: secrets, digging deep, looking for depth and connection, and going on a discovery mission, both inner and outer. But we also have a very unique, unpredictable, and exciting element to this season.

Scorpio season starts with a powerful new moon in contact with the planet of the unpredictable, Uranus.

Thus, we can expect this season to bring about sudden and powerful changes. Relationships might be particularly unpredictable and subject to powerful new beginnings. If you have been waiting for things to get out of a rut, now is the time.

Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth, going into a crisis, and plunging into the underworld—only to come out of it resurrected into a brand-new person. This Scorpionic process is very much present during this season, but it’s also quite accelerated. You can expect the energy to bring fast growth, fast changes, and powerful plot twists.

Relationships will be a very important matter during this Scorpio season. But there will also be a great focus on personal growth and inner discovery. Mercury will turn retrograde on October 31st and will bring powerful shifts for everyone in the matters of relationships, personal values, personal growth, and finances.

During Scorpio season, everyone tends to turn into an armchair psychologist.

If you’re already inclined to think this way, you will find yourself even more perceptive and inclined to see reality as it is—for the truth of it. Even if you’re not someone who finds it enjoyable to assess and reflect on yourself and others, you will most definitely experience an increased focus on self-inquiry and introspection during this season.

Scorpio energy is about seeking truth above all else—above comfort, continuity, stability, and enjoyment. Scorpio energy experiences pain more than other energies. Not because it finds it enjoyable, but because it’s all about facing truth, experiencing the pain associated with it, and transmuting this pain into growth and resilience.

During Scorpio season, we can all brace ourselves and expect to discover secrets and truths we might find painful or difficult.

But the purpose is to develop strength and resilience by facing what is. A bit dramatic? Yes, but Scorpio energy is all about transforming darkness into light. Consider yourself warned!

Let’s finish on a happier note. Soulmate connections are most definitely possible for a lot of us during this Scorpio season. You know what they say: After the rain comes the rainbow. Because Scorpio season is all about connecting deeper with ourselves and with the parts of our soul we would usually rather ignore, this newfound connection to the self allows for more soul-aligned connections to enter our lives.

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