This Scorpio Season Brings a Blue Moon—And Unearths the Mysteries of Our Lives

This Scorpio Season Brings a Blue Moon—And Unearths the Mysteries of Our Lives

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With Scorpio season upon us from October 22 through November 21, our resident astrologer Chani Nicholas offers a horoscope for each zodiac sign.

Scorpio Season officially begins on October 22nd at 4 pm PT. Scorpio is a sign that unearths, delves deeply into the mysteries of life, and refuses the simplest of answers. Scorpio knows that decay is just as important as growth in nature's great cycles. Without decomposition, our systems get polluted. Loss is inevitable, and part of what makes existing in the material realm so poignant: nothing is promised us, and nothing is forever.

As the sun transits this sign from October 22nd—November 21st, it is sure to bring with it events that reveal something just under the surface of our collective unconscious. We may not always feel ready for such realizations, but they must be reckoned with nevertheless.

One of the main events of Scorpio Season is that on October 31st, Halloween, Samhain, and Dia De Los Muertos all take place under the full moon in Taurus. This full moon is extra potent and active because of its timing and placement among the planets. Conjunct rebellious and revolutionary Uranus, this is a loud lunation. Unwilling to play by the rules, the end of October is sure to bring up some very unexpected events, feelings, and circumstances.

Also a blue moon, this second full moon in October shines its light on holidays that honor those that have passed. Many traditions believe that around this time of year, the veils between the material and the spirit realm grow thin. Festivals that give us collective space and permission to grieve, share stories, foods, pictures, and our love for those who have left help us cope with loss. They remind us that all we’ve loved in others is meant to live through us, that honoring our ancestors is an action, and that we shouldn’t take our joy for granted or mistake our pain for something permanent. So much of our purpose is revealed to us inside of paradigms that know all of life is a cycle, and that we are an important part of its cycle. We are never individuals making our way in the world alone; we are strands of vast tapestries that weave all of time together.

The next pivotal astrological moment, which just so happens to align with a pivotal political one, is on November 3rd, when Mercury stations direct. This day is famous for slowing communications down, making it imperative to take every precaution we can in order to make sure our message is heard. Make your voting plan, be painstaking in your process, and vote early if possible. Then consider what you are going to do to bring about the world you most want to live in, no matter who wins and who loses. Voting is, of course, the bare minimum.

Another noteworthy moment in this cycle is November 13th when Mars stations direct. With Mars and Mercury both direct, we’ll have a better understanding of where we are collectively, personally, and maybe even politically. Though Mars is still sure to kick up some hostile heat, refusing to let us deny the conflicts at our gate, we at least have a better understanding of the landscape and how to move forward.

To find out what Scorpio Season has in store for you, read your sun or rising sign:


With an emphasis on getting innovative with your resources, clearer about stating what you want and need in partnerships, and more connected than ever to your personal power, Scorpio Season is full of pivotal shifts for you. Pay attention to the details that you need to keep revising with others. Right now, miscommunications are more than inconveniences: they are portals into deeply ingrained patterns that impact your relationships with all of life. You are getting clear on just how transformative it is to become conscious of your feelings, needs, and desires. In fact, it's the only thing that really moves the needle.


October’s blue moon shines its light upon you. Full of breakthroughs and changes to your plans, the end of the month brings revelations about your trajectory and your talents. Pay attention to the ways in which you are different, unique, and even eccentric in your approaches to things: this is your gold. Once you know your signature, you can know exactly how to apply your pizzaz. Toward the beginning of November, communications might slow, but this can give you time to consider what you really want to say and what you want. Take it.


With a hefty amount of work accomplished in regards to your creative projects, you're beginning to understand just how potent your resources are and just how powerful it is to make time for them to be replenished. Pausing doesn’t mean failing. Waiting for certain answers to come through or for puzzle pieces to fall into place means that you are more in tune with your process and less at the whim of the ceaseless wheels of production. When in doubt, slow down. You’ll make up the time in the long run.


Whatever you’ve learned over the past five months about your power, your impact, and your leadership skills, especially in your professional life, will serve you for years to come. As long as you’ve taken time to integrate the lessons, that is. What falls apart isn’t a failure, but rather a mirror of something deeper: something that has been too embedded to see, know or understand. What backfires before us is actually on our side. When we pause long enough to unpack the feelings associated with it, we get to complete a cycle of learning that leaves us forever changed. Don’t cut yourself short.


The end of October sets your career ablaze. Marking important innovations and successes in your professional sphere, what sticks out is how much you’ve changed, and as a result, how much your career goals have also shifted. Hopefully, what this time of year helps to unveil for you is a deeper appreciation of the risks you have taken and the satisfaction that being true to yourself brings. You may very well be the first in your family line to have such a choice. Remember that what you get to live out in your professional life is for more than just yourself; it's for all those that came before and all those that will come after you, too. You are not in this alone.


Scorpio Season pulls focus on your daily life and routines. Highlighting the ways in which you’ve had to take risks to achieve your long-term goals, the full moon at the end of the month punctuates the power of being true to yourself. You might notice that others find the ways in which you express your ideas to be radical, forthright, or even disturbing to their peace, but that is the point. You are supposed to make noise right now. Just make sure that you get your point across amidst the commotion.


You’ve been learning the power of a well-timed pause, but the beginning of November drives the message home in unmistakable ways. When partnerships get testy, when communications feel strained, and when things feel unnecessarily burdened, be willing to back off, at least momentarily. Some situations need extra breathing room right now in order to find their way. Stay responsive rather than reactive.


With a full moon lighting up your partnership agreements, the emphasis on being free enough to be honest is loud. Whatever breakthroughs come, try not to resist them. Whatever we hide, bury, or disown will always come back to haunt us, but owning our desires turns ghosts into protective spirits that surround us. The only thing to fear is not being truthful with yourself.


Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of the good ideas that flow your way, but that doesn’t mean you don’t do your best to. The full moon at the end of October highlights the changes that are occurring in your relationship to your physical self. It’s no longer about what your body can do for you; it’s about the ways in which you can be receptive to its wisdom. More than a machine in service of your mind, your body is an equal partner in wisdom and insight to it. The more you let that shine through, the more you find ways to work in harmony with yourself.


Scorpio Season focuses (at least some of) your attention on the connections that help you feel whole: friends, communities, networks, and organizations that galvanize your spirit and psyche. What becomes obvious is that collective endeavors that lend your life a sense of meaning are, in fact, magic. Witches may live on the outskirts, but they always have a coven. Take note of yours: how to tend to it and be patient with it. The most powerful spells are cast with the group’s focused intention, care, and action.


This time of the year always brings a focus to your career. In many ways, it’s your professional time to shine. Understanding your power, potency, and agency in your professional life works wonders for your ability to detect which parts of it give you a sense of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. By the time the end of the month rolls around, you are privy to some earth-shaking insights from your past. What comes up wishes to be understood and ultimately helps you make peace with something that’s ready for rest.


Don’t let the ghosts of what you haven’t yet gotten to haunt you. This is no time to play comparison bingo. Scorpio Season wants you to focus on the goals that fuel you from the inside. Come the end of the month, the full moon highlights the innovative ways in which you need to break down big projects into bite-sized pieces. Don’t be afraid of changing up your schedule or adding a new routine. Conversations that you find revelatory also come quickly. Take notes, as these kinds of messages don’t come around everyday.

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