What Scorpio Season 2023 Means For Your Zodiac Sign

Scorpio Season 2023

From October 23 to November 22, 2023, the sun will travel through serious and self-disciplined Scorpio, giving you a chance to find your center again.

After a tumultuous October full of cosmic upheavals, the stars are returning things to a more manageable pace. The easygoing vibe of Libra season was thrown off balance by the 'Ring of Fire' solar eclipse in Libra, which brought sudden and unexpected changes to the world. Now, as the month draws to a close, it marks the end of that eclipse cycle and offers an opportunity to apply what you have learned to your life. Over the next few weeks, Scorpio season will remind you what the good life feels like. You made the hard decisions you needed to and dealt with the fallout. It's time to do something different. Are you in?

Keep reading to see what Scorpio season 2023 has in store for your zodiac sign, plus all the important dates you’ll want to mark on your calendar.

What to Expect During Scorpio Season 2023

Scorpio season begins when the sun moves into Scorpio on October 23, 2023, and lasts until November 22, 2023, when it moves into Sagittarius. During this time, you'll feel more closely aligned with the energy and traits that strong and strategic Scorpio is famous for. As one astrological season moves into the next, it marks a time of transformation in a person's spiritual evolution. Libra season was all about handling unexpected changes to your life. Now, Scorpio season is causing a permanent shift in your perspective.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

In astrology, a full moon occurs when the sun and moon oppose one another. Full moons are cycles of reflection, release, and rebirth. October's full moon is special because it's the final eclipse of the year. The full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28, 2023, will reach its peak and close out the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle. This two-year eclipse season occurred on the axis of resources, values, power, wealth, authority, and self-worth. The full moon eclipse in Taurus is happening in the sign of the moon's exaltation, adding a sweet and sentimental energy to the day. You're inviting new riveting experiences and aligned blessings into your life. Look back to what has transpired in your life since this eclipse cycle began back in November 2021 to reveal how your life has changed.

Saturn direct in Pisces

Saturn has been retrograde since May, undoing boundaries in Pisces's creative and amorphous waters. On November 4, 2023, the structures and systems that have been dismantled since May will be able to be reimagined and rebuilt in new ways. It's time to settle into a new rhythm. In astrology, Saturn represents the limitations and restrictions life places on you, and Saturn retrograde can cause people to become avoidant to the issues at hand. However, as the planet of karmic and justice moves to station direct, people are being forced to face the reality of the situation. Themes of stability and longevity were on the table, now it's time to release anything that was too good to be true. Luckily, the most challenging part of the problem is already behind you; now it's time to move forward.

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Venus enters Libra

On November 8, 2023, Venus will move into Libra, where it stays until December 4, 2023. Venus is the planet of love, romance, passion, and money. After a short trip through Virgo, Venus is entering the sign of its rulership. Over the next four weeks, you're getting a chance to indulge in love again, but be careful not to get tempted back into bad habits. Venus is in its rulership in Libra, placing it in a strengthened position. However, the South Node of Destiny will have you feeling lost in love. This transit brings feelings of inadequacy in relationships. You might define your worth based on your relationships and seek the approval of others. The stars are showing you that superficial connections can't fill your emotional cup; you deserve people in your life who love you without conditions.

Mercury enters Sagittarius

On November 9, 2023, communication planet Mercury enters Sagittarius, where it will spend the next few weeks before entering Capricorn on December 1, 2023. When the quick-thinking and quick-moving planet of conversation and cooperation embodies the energy of a fire sign, it's time to share your passions and experiences with the world. The South Node of Libra will be sextile Mercury for the entire month of November, giving you a chance to push forward despite your uncertainty. Your communication will become more lively during this time, and you can make new connections with like-minded people. It's also the last Mercury cycle before Mercury retrograde circles back around next month and stays that way until 2024. Yeah, you heard that right. So don't waste the good vibes.

New Moon in Scorpio

Finally, the month ends with a reflective and raw new moon in Scorpio on November 13, 2023. New moons are all about new beginnings, looking ahead, embracing change, and taking action. This lunar phase marks the start of a new moon cycle that will unfold over the next month. This is also the first new moon or full moon cycle in Scorpio since the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle ended, making it a moment to savor. Typically, the moon feels unsettled in the murky waters of Scorpio. However, this lunation is free of the chaotic eclipses that had everyone's head spinning for the last two years. October's new moon in Scorpio debuts alongside the sun and Mars, representing your ego and vitality. You've proven to yourself that you can survive the darkest nights, and now you're seeking a sign or transcendental experience to usher you into the next phase of life.

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