Camping Gear Sold Out Last Year, Grab Deals Now Before You Head Outdoors

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During a year of uncertainty, while mostly confined to our homes and unable to safely travel by plane, parks and campsites offered a breath of fresh air to those suffering from quarantine cabin fever. But when camping outdoors was deemed a relatively safe form of recreation by the CDC last summer, a sudden run on outdoor gear sent shockwaves through the market.

After panic buying toilet paper and P.P.E., seems consumers shifted their purchasing power on active equipment used outside the home. As the New York Times reported in August of 2020, this “mad rush on outdoor gear” jumped from bikes to kayaks to indoor climbing gear to camping supplies as the seasons crept by. However, while there could be a run on supplies again in 2021, don’t get stuck at home because you can’t locate the right gear in stock to get outside.

2021: Expect Another Run of Outdoor Gear and Limited Supplies

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Though restrictions have loosened in 2021, as more of the population becomes vaccinated and consumers have more out-of-home entertainment options available than a year ago, consumers won’t necessarily be ready to take advantage of them just yet. Whether due to wariness about safety, lingering 2020 trauma, or a lack of compelling options, many people are not yet ready to embrace the old out-of-home forms of entertainment and return to normal, whatever that is these days.

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A more generous interpretation of the phenomenon could be that 2020 birthed a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts who so enjoyed their forays into nature that they’re sticking with the hobby. Early signs already seem to indicate a repeat of the outdoor gear shortage of last year for this summer and fall.

Kinks in the Supply Chain Could Leave Shelves Empty

It’s not just consumers mucking things up and preventing you from buying that hammock. While no supply chain is equipped to handle a sudden 75-100% increase in demand, labor plays just as important a role in everything humming along smoothly. It can be all too easy to forget that we are still technically in the throes of an international pandemic and manufacturing facilities are not all back to operating at full capacity or efficiency.

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These Deal Hunters Can Alert You When Gear Is in Stock and on Sale

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You don’t need to let that news get you down or quash your dreams of river rafting or hiking the Appalachian Trail because Slickdeals has your back. The Slickdeals community has been finding and posting great deals online for 20 years on the items you’re looking for and at the lowest prices available.

“If you have a specific product in mind, this works really well – They monitor a bunch of different vendors and they’ll send you an alert once the price drops on what you want.””

The TODAY Show, November 2020

Our community of 12 million deal hunters is finding and posting freshly-sourced deals in the forums every day. But there are also extra steps you can take to get the most out of the Slickdeals website and app to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking to tackle the great outdoors this year.

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While scrolling through all of the deals that made it to the coveted Slickdeals Frontpage could be time-consuming, to find exactly what you are looking for, create several Deal Alerts for specific items, categories, or brands of your choosing, such as “tent” or “hiking” or “YETI.”

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Make sure to also download the Slickdeals app for iOS or for Android to your phone, to get an alert on your smartphone when a new deal that matches your search criteria and preferred price surfaces for whatever it is you’re looking for. Even in these times of limited supplies and rising prices, we know there are still ways to make sure you get everything you want at an affordable price, and we firmly believe our app is one of the best ways to reach that goal.

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