Scientists investigate mysterious ‘blue hole’ off Florida coastline

Alex Lasker

A mysterious “blue hole” off Florida’s coastline has sparked interest among scientists and researchers, who plan to explore the potential ecological hot spots next month.

The 425-feet deep underwater sinkhole, dubbed “Green Banana,” is located approximately 155 feet below the water’s surface, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

A team of scientists, comprised of members of Mote Marine Laboratory, Florida Atlantic University, Georgia Institute of Technology and the U.S. Geological Society, is set to embark on a new mission to explore the hole beginning in August and continuing through May 2021, NOAA notes.

Credit: Mote Marine Laboratory/NOAA
Credit: Mote Marine Laboratory/NOAA

In May and September 2019, a team of researchers explored a similar blue hole nicknamed “Amberjack Hole,” located approximately 30 miles offshore of Sarasota, Fla.

Scientists were able to explore Amberjack Hole using a benthic lander, a framework capable of holding multiple scientific instruments weighing more than 600 pounds.

Green Banana is somewhat hourglass-shaped, according to NOAA, creating a new set of challenges for its exploration using the same device.

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