This Scene Was Cut from SATC for Being Too Nasty

Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

From Cosmopolitan

Sex and the City turns 20 this year, and the HBO comedy is still considered one of the most boundary-pushing shows of all time. They got away with a lot - and thank goodness! Where would we be without Sam's sex on a chair on a bed?! Nowhere good, that's where - but there were some things the network did push back on. And this is one of those things. Dun duh.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Sex and the City creator Darren Star said that one such instance that was cut because it was just TOO TOO MUCH, happened in season 1's "The Monogamists." In the episode, Charlotte dates Michael, who had the nasty habit of always pushing her head down for blow jobs. You might also remember that Michael also always had a golden retriever named Butterscotch around. Just keep that in the back of your mind!

"In the final scene, she basically let him have it about being offended by his insistence on just wanting a blow job," Star said. "She accused him of only liking her for that and kind of stormed out."

And that was the end - or was it!? Well, it was for the aired version, but they also shot a different ending, which was deemed too risque/disgusting for TV.

In that version, "[Charlotte] walked back in and saw that his golden retriever was going down on him," Star explained. WHAT?!?!

"It’s sort of horrifying that we shot that," producer and writer Amy B. Harris added. "We shot him putting peanut butter on his penis, and Charlotte walks back in like, 'Oh, I’m being unreasonable,' and then she sees that...I can’t believe we even thought about doing it."


Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

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