Scatter dollar store gemstones around a sandbox for a fun hands-on activity for kids

This clever treasure hunt game involves scattering some dollar store gemstones in a sandbox and having kids dig for buried treasure, and it’s a great DIY activity to keep kids engaged so parents can have some quiet time.

HowDoesShe is a women-run lifestyle and parenting blog whose TikTok account includes clips of life hacks and money-saving tips. One of their videos features a fun game where kids use a sifter or shovel to dig for “buried treasure” in their local sandbox, and it’s a great way to keep kids entertained while parents recharge their batteries.

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The clip begins with a shot of a plastic bag filled with a colorful assortment of rocks and gems found at most dollar or craft supplies stores.

According to the video’s on-screen text, this playground trick does double duty by providing entertainment for kids and some well-deserved R&R for exhausted parents who need a break.

As shown in the next shot, simply sprinkle the gemstones or rocks inside a sandbox, then shuffle them around in the sand.

Per the following footage of a yellow plastic beach toy and a subsequent demonstration, have kids use a sifter, shovel, or just their hands to dig for treasure.

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The spectacular sandbox activity was a hit amongst viewers and even brought back memories for some.

“Back then, in kindergarten, they sprayed these with [a] golden color, and we thought we were digging for gold,” one user reminisced.

“I used to hide ‘jewels’ around our garden for my son to discover. He used to spend hours out there searching in the pebbles for treasure,” shared one fun-loving parent.

“I had some foreign coins from traveling, and before we moved out of our house, I buried them in the sandbox for the next kids,” one kind TikToker mentioned.

Whether the loot is coins, crystals, or glass beads used for the bottom of a fishbowl, hunting for treasure is an activity that will always hold a special allure for kids and parents alike!

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