Scared to Try a Smokey Eye? This Look by Shontelle Sparkles Is Honestly So Easy to Recreate

Megan Uy

From Cosmopolitan

I wish I could say that I accomplished something impressive in quarantine, like started a business or built some handmade furniture. But, for now, I'll settle for bowing down to Shontell Sparkles. Our girl has been working on her cosplay looks these past few months, crushing her Twitch gaming career, and fully serving sparkling looks. Keep reading for that last one.

For this episode of Cosmo Queens, she gave us a lil tutorial on one of her classic lewks and it's stunning. Seriously, I'm now inspired to do a smokey eye everyday of the week forever because of this.

To start off, she powders her natural brows down so they're out of the way before using a pomade to draw on some new, very sleek ones! She also cleans them up with some concealer to make them perfectly sharp before delving into the main event: the smokey eye.

Shontelle starts off her eye look by finely painting the outline of her winged liner. After she goes in with brown and black shadows at the crease and inner corners of her eyes, she adds a white base in preparation. But before we get to that, she first has to finish le face! Cue the orange color corrector on her chin, above her lip, and her temple areas. She then continues on with highlighting, contouring, and bronzing...because obv!

As she gets closer to wrapping up her lewk, she adds the last touches to her eyes (not forgetting falsies of course) and a few more faux hairs to her bold brows. She draws on her nude lips and her SPARKLES fit and bam! The queen has arrived.

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