Scared Shelter Dog’s Reaction To Being Called a ‘Good Boy’ Has People in Tears

Nothing is more heartbreaking than witnessing animals in shelters, especially the ones who were abused and abandoned. While every animal has a unique story, and some are more scared and withdrawn than others, they all deserve love and patience.

Animal advocate @rockykanakaofficial shares such an encounter with a new shelter dog who's so scared he can't move or won't take treats in this heartbreaking video, posted on October 26.

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Aw, look at him. He's such a good boy!

You can see in his eyes how sad and scared he is. He wouldn't even take a treat or a piece of hot dog; the other staff member left him.

When Rocky goes inside the kennel and sits down with him, you can tell that this gentle giant is quite depressed but relaxed and comfortable.

As Rocky mentions, giving treats to a dog builds trust, especially if the dog accepts them, which Marty hasn't yet.

However, Rocky was able to slowly give him some pets, and then Marty gave him a nudge for more pets.

That's a great sign.

This bond took place after Rocky called Marty "a good boy."

Then Marty was all ears and devoted all his attention to Rocky.

Since nobody knows Marty's background story, it's hard to tell what he has been through, but he clearly was scared and confused, wandering the streets until he was brought to the shelter by a good Samaritan.

Shelter dogs require a lot of gentle care and patience to make them feel comfortable and for them to start trusting their surroundings. A lot of them can develop depression and anxiety and become withdrawn, just like Marty here.

Hopefully, in time, Marty will adjust and find a forever home!

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