'Scare Me' exclusive clip

"Scare Me's" single location setting, fiercely feminist script and crucial sound design set the stage for a battle of wits (and scary stories) between accomplished genre author Fanny (Aya Cash) and hopeless copywriter Fred (Josh Ruben) — with some help from the pizza guy Carlo (Chris Redd). An atypical approach to storytelling, "Scare Me" becomes a subversive examination of what and who defines the genre, while showcasing an exciting, fresh comedic voice.

Video Transcript



- Taxidermy, and then there's this big stuffed moose on the wall.



Jason, you are just scary.

- He's not [INAUDIBLE]


It's the dead [INAUDIBLE]

- It's die chasm.


- Got sticks around, got blood all over her face, got, dammit! She's infected! What? 22!



He blows everybody's brains out.

- Anyway, I do this really amazing job of setting up this really [INAUDIBLE]

- Hello Miss. Can I use your bathroom?

- She lets him. He's handsome. But he doesn't use the bathroom.

- Are you one of them? Huh?

- Mom thinks fast. She grabs a cleaver, but he's faster!


- Then something really weird happened.

- (SCREAMING) Run Jason! Run!

- And all of a sudden, the mom appears! Jane!


- He tries to get away, but he can't [INAUDIBLE] He's like, wait, what am I doing?

- Hi.


- So Mom just turns into a zombie vampire?

- Well, we don't call them that explicitly.

- Never explained. Never explained. But that's what I love about it.

- Oh, I mean, look, we left out a lot of details. But the truth is like Venus is not just about like a zombie like outbreak that only affects women. It's really about gender politics.

- Huh.