The Scandi Bob Is Taking Over—And It Requires Basically No Styling

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The Scandi bob is a new style all the cool girls are wearing on Instagram—because it's so low-maintenance and basically requires zero styling.

The style is being championed by our Nordic friends for those who want something chic and flattering that doesn't need much love. Yes, you can literally pull on a T-shirt, flip your hair over, and leave the house.

Speaking about the style, which has been worn by Zendaya and Diane Kruger, Tina Farey, editorial director of U.K. brand Rush Hair, explains: “With the bob always being a popular look with clients, the style has evolved throughout the years, and now the Scandi bob has become a modern-day must-have look. 

“A very flattering style in its own right,” she continues, “the bob is cut just below the jawline and is an ideal length for those who want a statement bob with length extension. The cut frames in the face and highlights the features. For those looking for something a little more unique, adding in some foils throughout the front sections of the hair will add a brighter frame.”

The secret to the look is in the unique flipped parting, which adds volume and gives it a modern edge. 

“The style is very low-maintenance and manageable in the heat because there's no need to restyle it thanks to the unique flipped parting,” she adds. “The parting flip is a statement look but also gives the impression that it's completely natural.”

When styling this look, it’s key to add volume to the roots and to give the flip of hair a real lift. Farey suggests spraying L’Oréal Techni Art Pli Spray directly to the roots, then begin your blow-dry. Using a large barrel brush, lift the hair up when drying and using a motion of “up, over, and down” to give the style a lift and then close down the follicles, encouraging shine. “When drying the flip-over section, direct this blow-dry to the opposite side, and this will encourage more of a swooshing movement when styled into place,” she suggests.

If you prefer to look a little more pulled together, Martha Mackintosh at Larry King salon in London says the shoulder-grazing Scandi bob is the ideal length because, although it’s a bob, it still has the potential to be styled should you prefer a more polished finish. As she explains, “Despite being a bob, it’s just long enough to get back into a little low bun, which looks great parted and slightly slicked back over the ears so you still have that option when it feels particularly warm in the summer months.”

Experts are also hailing the look as one of the most appealing iterations of the bob because of its face-framing potential. “Having a little bit of face framing starting at the jawline helps to add volume as it opens up the face,” explains Mackintosh. “This can be particularly flattering for those with more narrow-shaped faces, as it creates the illusion of width. When flipped over to the side, the volume is enhanced even more as it appears a little shorter in contrast to the rest of the hair. A less defined parting that is flicked over rather than put in very specifically, will always look a lot less flat.”

The trick is to be messy with it and flip it over from side to side throughout the day; volume spray at the roots of the hair will help you do just this.

Of course, the Scandi bob isn't the first hair trend our Nordic friends have blessed us with. Scandi waves had a major moment earlier this year, combining mermaid waves with their usual loosely crimped kink, plus a sprinkle of structure. The hairstyle is a modern take on the Hollywood wave—just looser and more undone. We saw the look on Sophie Turner at the Met Gala and Zendaya every other day of the week, giving us this bendy yet elevated S curl with a real Y2K feel. We get why this hairstyle has all the girlies googling “how to curl with straighteners.” It feels a little casual, but it still makes a statement.

This post originally appeared on Glamour U.K.

Originally Appeared on Glamour