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Relax without breaking the bank — save up to 20% on at-home massagers

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Grab one of these relaxing massagers and save big. (Source: Amazon)
Grab one of these relaxing massagers and save big. (Source: Amazon)

If you find yourself constantly overworked, it might be time to take a break. Oftentimes, we find ourselves under unbearable stress and tension. This can negatively affect our bodies over time. It can sometimes even lead to neck, shoulder, back or foot pain. Now’s the time to take control, so you can perform your best.

While it can be extremely overwhelming going to work or just getting through the day, these products on Amazon will help alleviate tension so you can focus on what matters most. Plus, you won’t have to spend a fortune!

It’s time to relax

Relieve bodily aches and pains with this portable deep tissue massager. (Source: Amazon)
Relieve bodily aches and pains with this portable deep tissue massager. (Source: Amazon)

$41.99 $49.99 at Amazon

If a deep tissue massage is what your body is asking for, this Renpho massager is the perfect handheld tool for you. Take this portable percussion body massager wherever you go to relieve anything that ails you. With up to 3,600 pulses per minute, it's sure to soothe even the tightest muscles.

This cordless handheld massager comes with five interchangeable heads, a round one for general pint massages, a one-point head to focus on trigger spots, a three-point intensive head to cover larger areas, a regular three-point head for a softer massage and a curved head that is perfect for arms and legs.

RENPHO foot massager
Relax and lean back with this foot massager from RENPHO. (Source: Amazon)

$123.49 $159.99 at Amazon

Everybody could use a foot massage from time to time, especially after spending all day on your feet. The RENPHO Foot Massager has heating capabilities and three controllable deep-kneading motions, so your feet will be given the proper care and attention they deserve. Simply use your hands (or feet) to adjust the intensity and transcend into relaxation.

One 5-star reviewer even said, “Feels like my toes are being massaged by human hands, feels so good, it takes away greatly from any discomfort.” You can even continue working from home while you relax with this heated foot massager, and no one will ever know! Clip the coupon at checkout for an extra 5% off!

A muscle massage gun that includes attachments.
A muscle massage gun that includes attachments.

$64.41 $72.05 at Amazon

If you want to have more control over the parts of your body that you target for relaxation, this handheld deep tissue massage gun is the perfect solution. With 4-6 hours of usage time, you can endlessly switch between the three speeds to adjust the type and intensity of the massage you’re receiving. Thanks to the convenient noise reduction feature, you can use this muscle massage gun after a long day without disturbing others.

Black neck and back massager
Indulge yourself with this Mo Cuishle Neck and Back Massager. (Source: Amazon)

$47.49 $49.99 at Amazon

This neck and back massager by Mo Cuishle helps loosen up tight muscles. With eight kneading massage nodes, you are 100% in control of the intensity. The heating function offers soothing comfort as you rest from a long day.

Simply wrap the neck massager around your desired area and control the direction and speed of the kneading movement. With only four simple buttons, you won’t have to stress trying to figure out how to use it. Experience fast pain relief and relieve muscle soreness in just 15 minutes! Get it today and use the 5% off coupon at checkout.

Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set
Acupuncture without the stress of appointments. (Source: Amazon

$28.99 $35.99 at Amazon

Don’t let the fear of needles stop you from relieving stress. The Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set releases endorphins in the body to help relieve back and neck pain. Both the mat and pillow have targeting acupressure points to relax your muscles and promote healthy blood circulation.

The mat includes 6,930 points to target your body’s specific pain area. For less than $30, you can even place the mat on your chair while you work to create more energy flow throughout the day. (If you are new to this technique, you might want to wear a thin T-shirt to get used to it.)

It’s extremely easy to let yourself get overworked these days. If you are due for a very well-deserved massage, don’t waste your hard-earned money on a one-time experience. You can find exactly what you need to relieve tension with these outstanding massagers. For a limited time, you can get them for up to 20% off on Amazon.

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