Save Of The Year- Rider Narrowly Avoids Catastrophic Crash

The Shred Academy

Every rider’s worst nightmare is losing a foot on a steep section of trail. When there is no chance of stopping, losing control can only end badly.

On rare occasions, riders are able to ride out of it and complete what is called a save. Watch Duncan Durivage make the save of a lifetime on a steep rock face.

In this video, Duncan stuffs his front wheel and loses both feet on the upper bit of the rock roll. It appears like he is destined to tumble straight into the ground from a high height. Somehow, Duncan is able to pilot the bike to the bottom and lightly plop onto the ground.

Duncan and his friends certainly saw his life flash before all of their eyes. Thankfully he was okay after this fall.

Utah is home to many steep sections of trail. It is imperative that you are confident in your riding before engaging in such a level of risk.

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