You Can Save 49% on Christmas Lights for Decking Out Your Home

toodour solar christmas lights
Score New Christmas Lights for Up to 49% OffPopular Mechanics; Toodour

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Christmas is right around the corner, and now is the time to start your holiday shopping and decorating. In terms of gifting, retailers like Lowe’s, Wayfair, and Walmart are already beginning their Black Friday sales, so you can save some money well ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. When it comes to decorating, though, we’ve found some great deals on Christmas lights at Amazon, so you can get your decorating started without having to dip too far into your gifting budget.

If you head to Amazon right now, you can pick up two sets of editor-recommended Christmas lights for less. Both sets are from the brand Toodour—and both will deck out your home with serious holiday cheer.

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Solar Christmas Lights


Claiming the title of best traditional multicolor lights in our best solar Christmas lights guide is the Toodour Solar Christmas Lights, which are 27 percent off right now. That is, before you factor in the 30-percent-off clip coupon Amazon is offering for these lights. Once you add that, you’ll be paying just under $17 for a string of lights spanning 121 feet.

The impressive length is part of what made these lights stand out to our Senior Reviews Editor Rachel Klein, but she also appreciates that these are water-resistant and have eight different lighting settings so you can switch up how you want to present your lights. Plus, Amazon also has different lengths available for the multi-colored lights, so you can grab a 72-foot strand for 21 percent off if you want a little less, or if you need a little more, you can opt for the 144-foot strand for 20 percent off. (All of these lengths are under $25.)

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Christmas Icicle Lights


For those more interested in icicle lights, though, our pick for best white icicle lights—the Toodour Christmas Icicle Lights—are currently 25 percent off on Amazon. With this discount, these icicle lights are about $30 right now for 12.5 feet's worth. Like the multi-colored lights, these also have eight lighting settings you can choose from. Beyond that, our editors also like that the icicles themselves are various lengths, offering nice dimension to your lighting situation.

If your Christmas lights could use an upgrade, you might want to seriously consider grabbing one or both of these sets of lights while they’re marked down.

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