Satellite Imagery Shows Extent of Wildfires on the West Coast

Composite satellite imagery shows the mind-blowing extent of the wildfires currently plaguing the West Coast this month. California has already seen 2M+ acres burned in a record-breaking wildfire season with months left to go. Tens of thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate areas in Oregon. The state’s governor, Kate Brown, has called the recent fire events ‘unprecedented.’ And in Washington, more acres were burned in a single day this week than in the past 12 years combined, per Gov. Jay Inslee. There is widespread consensus among experts that the global climate crisis has contributed to an uptick in the frequency and intensity of natural disasters like wildfires. California, for instance, has seen a fivefold increase in wildfires since the 1970s, and all 5 of its largest wildfires in history have occurred since 2017. (Satellite image courtesy of Dakota Smith, CIRA, & NCAR) This video "Satellite Imagery Shows Extent of Wildfires on the West Coast", first appeared on