Sassy Chihuahua Tells Off Husky Sibling After He Takes Her Bone


When there’s a sassy Chihuahua in the house, you have to plot your moves carefully. Unluckily enough for one Husky named Skye, he didn’t have the right moves.

He stole his Chihuahua sister Evie’s bone—and after that, chaos ensued. Evie wouldn’t stop yapping right in Skye’s face continuously, and Skye yelped right back at her. They are stuck in a back and forth limbo over the bone, but Skye doesn’t look like he’s going to give it up.

We wonder what exactly they’re saying to each other to keep going back and forth like that. They really must have a love-hate relationship with each other. We’re also going to guess that the Chihuahua is older—she is totally giving off the big sister vibe.

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Since the Husky is much bigger than Evie, he may be able to make off with her stolen goods. We’re kind of sad for her not being able to have her bone!

There’s no wonder how long the arguing went on, and what the resolution of it was. Hopefully, their mom or dad went in and intervened to retrieve the bone back from Skye.

Unsurprisingly, this is just what Huskies do. They are really high energy and can get into trouble if they are feeling bored! Skye needs to go outside and find something else to get into, leaving Evie alone to chew her bone in peace.

This must happen a lot for the little Chihuahua to get so upset. Maybe her parents can crate her the next time she wants to chew her bone, or at least put her in a different room where Skye can’t get it. There’s no telling how often he does this, but he’s going to learn his lesson sooner or later the more that Evie lectures him.

You can’t help but laugh at this motley pair, fighting over a bone. If that’s the worst thing that happened to Evie that day, then her day must have been pretty good.

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