Sasha Velour Talked About What Makeup Trends She Hates All While Chopping Onions And Trying Not To Cry

Alexis Morillo

From Delish

Sasha Velour is the latest brave soul to take on Delish's series "The Chopping Block." While cutting as many onions as she can in 10 minutes, Sasha answers questions about her favorite part of drag and the things she always keeps in her fridge...while trying not to cry.

When it comes to chopping onions, Sasha would prefer not to. "I actually detest the experience," she said. Before the video started, Sasha explained that she pre-peeled the onions because that requires taking off her gloves and with all the time she's spent in quarantine her nails are definitely not camera ready.

Then, talking about her docu-series NightGowns, Sasha said her favorite part of filming is being able to educate people about the drag community. "I think I'm most excited for people to see that drag is a space for queer artists of all kinds," she said. Her favorite episode is the last one of season one, where you get to see more about her child life and her introduction to drag.

While Sasha is a huge name in the drag community, she shared some little-known facts while chopping up her onions, and it didn't look like a single tear was shed in the process! Her favorite "stoner food" is cookies and milk and she thinks that colorful eyeshadow looks are totally overrated, FYI.

The most interesting, though, may be what she claims you can always find in her fridge: vodka is never not in the freezer, and gourmet dog food and peanut butter are always around. Unsure if this means that the peanut butter is kept in the fridge (interesting take!) but a fun party fact to bring up at your next Drag Race trivia night nonetheless!

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