Proving She's Cooler Than You, Sasha Obama Wears K-Swiss Sneakers to Homecoming


The photo of Sasha Obama with homecoming date currently blowing up the internet. Photo: Twitter/TeeThaGoddess

Not since Malia Obama took a “How you like me” selfie wearing a Pro Era T-shirt has the internet had this much to say about the Obama daughters’ wardrobes. Yesterday, a photo leaked on Twitter of 14-year-old Sasha Obama with a date headed to a homecoming dance. With her date’s slightly embarrassed smile, and the thoroughly classic “in front of the piano” pose, the pic is equal parts adorable and awkward — it’s good to know Kids These Days aren’t too busy Snapchatting to have to humor their mother before they head to a dance.

Also highly relatable is Sasha’s outfit. Like Malia, who’s been spotted in affordable brands like Modcloth, Sasha’s not showing off in anything pricey or uncomfortable, just a cute minidress and some sneakers she can actually dance in.

And about those sneakers — Twitter is currently blowing up with mentions of “fake Adidas,” but squint harder, people. These aren’t the bootleg 4-stripe Adidas we used to spot in our middle school halls. These are the classic 5-skinny-stripe K-Swiss kicks favored by cheerleaders and preppy-leaning hip-hop kids (and name-checked in Raekwon songs) since time immemorial.

A leading source (a.k.a., a Yahoo Style staffer with a 17-year-old sister) tells us “all the cool teens” are now wearing K-Swiss, since Adidas Superstars blew up and became sold out everywhere. Get yours now — we’re sure everyone else is.

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