'SAS: Red Notice' exclusive sneak peek: 'You are off and he is on'

Andy Serkis holds court in this exclusive clip from "SAS: Red Notice," as Clements realizes that Buckingham is aboard the stalled train, and adjusts his battle plan accordingly.

Video Transcript

- Right, listen in. Stand to the emergency response. I want the team in there.

- We've just set up.

- So's Grace.

- We're completely in the blind here.

- Well, get some fucking glasses.

- They zapped CCTV, sir.

- We need people on the ground. We need to carry out a proper CTR.

- Well, who took these then?

- Tom.

- Tom?

- Buckingham.

- Was he the bloke that zapped that women on Hampstead Heath.

- Yeah.

- Oh, good skills for a posh twat. So hold on a minute. How come he's inside the cordon?

- He was taking his girlfriend to Paris to propose.

- [CHUCKLES] Well, the Swans have done him a fucking favor, then.

- OK, back to what we're here for. These photos are not enough.

- Well, they are today because Grace is the target.

- We have no idea where she is.

- The moment you make contact, Grace will close in, and she will fight. But today, she's got nowhere to go.

- My job is to rescue hostages.

- Not today. Hit that train now.

- If we do that, we will take casualties. Just give me a moment to plan a deliberate option--

- What are you, the head of a fucking knitting circle or something? The Swans are split up two to a carriage. Now's the time to attack.

- I don't agree with you.

- Well, you can disagree all you fucking like, mate. But this is what's going to happen-- you are going to act like a professional soldier. You are going to initiate emergency response. And you are going to kill Grace. And if you don't, you are off, and he is on. Do you understand?