Sarah Snook reflects on ‘shock’ of marrying her best friend, Dave Lawson

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Succession star Sarah Snook has opened up about how she and husband Dave Lawson fell in love after being just friends for six years before they married.

The Australian actor recently revealed she is pregnant with her first child while attending the HBO premiere for the fourth and final season of the hit series.

Snook, 35, said it was still a “shock and surprise” that the couple fell in love over the Covid lockdown in Melbourne in 2020.

In a new interview published on Saturday (25 March), Snook, who plays Shiv Roy in Succession, said the pair “got stuck in a house together and we just sort of fell in love”.

“Amidst all the chaos of the world outside, we realised how much fun we were having despite that,” she toldThe Telegraph.

Snook said that quarantining together during that period also gave her a glimpse at “some vulnerability” in Lawson, who is a comedian, that she had never seen before.

“Because we’d just not been in those circumstances before, we’d never shared hard times, it’s always been buoyant times – and we found that we actually worked well together with all those difficult conversations about what’s going on in the world, how to navigate?” she recalled. “And he’s got a kid, so how do you parent together, and all those kinds of things.”

In their six years of friendship, Snook and Lawson had always been dating other people. She spoke about the “taboo” of “crossing over” from friendship to a romantic relationship.

Sarah Snook and Dave Lawson attend the HBO's
Sarah Snook and Dave Lawson attend the HBO's

“A lot of my friends in high school were men, and throughout my 20s too, and I would never cross that line,” she told the publication. “If we’re friends, we’re friends.”

Snook proposed to Lawson on Halloween in 2020 and they were married in February 2021 in a ceremony held in her backyard in Brooklyn.

The intimate ceremony was attended by Snook’s housemates and her Succession co-star Ashley Zukerman (as Nate Sofrelli).

The bride wore a black shirt and black trousers, as well as a vintage velvet Chloe jacket and matching Blundstone boots known as “Blunnies” with Lawson.

Kieran Culkin and Sarah Snook as Roman and Shiv Roy in HBO’s Succession (Graeme Hunter)
Kieran Culkin and Sarah Snook as Roman and Shiv Roy in HBO’s Succession (Graeme Hunter)

She added that it was “still such a shock and surprise” for the couple that they ended up getting married and that “we still get a kick out of it”.

Revealing her pregnancy at the Succession premiere this week, Snook joked that she would not be taking any advice from the fictional Roy family.

She told Extra: “I don’t think the Roy family are a paragon of family values, I don’t think we can really be looking to them for guidance.”

She also told Entertainment Tonight that the pregnancy was “exciting” and added: “I feel great.”

The last series of Succession is set to premiere on Sunday 26 March.