Santa Cruz Otter Famous For Harassing Surfers Has Been Spotted With a Baby

News out of Santa Cruz, California rarely makes it out of the Bay Area, but one very small girl has been making big waves across the country. Of course, we're talking about Otter 841!

This sassy sea otter has been making headlines nationwide since the summer for stealing surfer's boards and evading wildlife officials. She's shown no fear of humans, unlike other otters, and has gained a large social media following in recent months. And now--in the late fall--she has people talking yet again!

This time, though, she hasn't stolen anything except our hearts. That's because this new mama otter was spotted with her baby!

How cute! The adorable baby otter was spotted hitching a ride on Mom's chest as the duo floated in the water, and we couldn't picture anything more perfect. And neither could Santa Cruz photographer Mark Woodward, AKA @NativeSantaCruz on X.

This wildlife photographer has been photographing Otter 841 since she first made headlines, and--as far as we know--he was the first to notice the little one's arrival.

"I suspected she might have been pregnant due to her increased belly size," he explained to KTVU News. Before today, last saw her 3 days ago. She’s a bit far out there, but from my vantage point, both mama and pup are doing fine." That's great news!

Just a few months ago, this stubborn sea otter was threatened with euthanasia if she became more aggressive or bit a human. Thankfully, the public came to the ocean animal's defense, arguing that she should not be threatened when in her natural habitat.

Officials previously explained that changes in sea otter behavior can be attributed to the massive amounts of energy they spend hunting for food on a daily basis. The new hypothesis is that Otter 841's behavior will calm down now that she's welcomed her little one.

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