Sanctuary Wolf Loves Rescuers So Much He Showers Them with Kisses

We'd love to get a wolfy kiss!

Kisses from a dog are some of the best kisses a person can receive, but have you ever seen a wolf kiss before? It can happen! In fact, Riggs the rescued wolf just can't help but smother his rescuers in big, slobbery kisses.

As you can imagine, a wolf's kiss isn't quite as gentle as a pup's, but the folks at @apexwolves don't mind. They're always prepared for his excitable chomps and smooches!

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Riggs is such a beautiful boy! We can see in his body language how much he loves his rescuers. They even have to hold him back so he doesn't get too excited!

"It’s just aggressive snuggles," wrote commenter @jewellay. Exactly! He means well by his nips, even if they're not as enjoyable as kisses. Viewer @stephp80 said, "we call that a spicy monch at our house." LOL!

As it turns out, she's not the only one with an extra excitable canine at home. @Michaelbrieden said, "my pupper does that. We always tell her "no bite bite" and she goes in for more." Yup, that sounds about right! Not even the word 'no' can put a damper on a pup's excitement--no matter what breed they are.

"I have a Shih Tzu so apparently very close to being a wolf," joked @krishnacat. LMAO--you must be right! With so much energy and love contained in such a tiny dog, there's no knowing what can happen. Then again--the rescuers at @apexwolves might say the very same thing!

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