The San Onofre Lot Will (Supposedly) Reopen Much Sooner Than Expected

San Onofre was destroyed earlier this year.

Or, rather, the dirt parking lot that faces the iconic surf spot was destroyed. Washed out. Completely demolished. A muddy mess. Closed indefinitely.

But now, allegedly, work will begin to restore the historic meeting place of surfers throughout the ages. And it might reopen much sooner than previously expected.

According to Don Craig – founder of those “Old Guys Rule” t-shirts your surf-stoked uncle wears and sports as a bumper sticker on his sprinter van – plans for a full restoration are just around the corner.

Don wrote:

“I just received a text from the Superintendent of San Onofre State Parks letting me know that the road at San Onofre will be worked on starting March 25th and will take about a week to complete. They hope to have the lower lot open by April 1st. This will be done by Camp Pendleton staff. This is all good news for everyone who likes to surf SanO!

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“Thanks to the Staff at the State Parks for their patience during these trying times. Keep your fingers crossed that this all happens in a timely manner.”

Before this, things were looking dire for San O.

“It’s devastating,” State Parks Superintendent Scott Kibbey told the Orange County Register. “We’re trying to wrap our heads around a solution to find a way to fix this as soon as possible. It’s impassible. You can not drive a vehicle around that right now.”

But now, perhaps, a glimmer of hope.


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