San Clemente and Santa Cruz Board Riders Establish Regional Titles To Finish 2023/2024

<p>Brent Flaaten</p>

Brent Flaaten

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The 2023/2024 West Coast Board Riders South Central region and North region seasons concluded in recent weeks and the final tally is in.

Turtlebox X Salty Crew at Creek event featured the South Central region’s finest with San Clemente, Newport, Dana Point, and Salt Creek Board Riders squaring off to determine who would take home the regional title for the 2023/2024 season. San Clemente’s electric showing at the first event of the year had them nearly 60 points ahead of second-place position heading into Salt Creek.

Former CT powerhouses Kolohe Andino, Nathan Yeomans, Rosy Hodge, and Matt Archibold held firm for the veteran side while San Clemente’s youth Nico Coli, Hayden Rodgers and Max Beach added their names to the dominant win and another WCBR regional title. Now, San Clemente Board Riders looks for an undisputed three-peat at the USBRC National Championships presented by New Earth Project.

Kolohe Andino, getting things cookin' for team San Clemente<p>Brent Flaaten</p>
Kolohe Andino, getting things cookin' for team San Clemente

Brent Flaaten

Team Newport held their second-place ranking, with Meah Collins putting on a performance alongside the likes of Parker Cohn, Tyler Gunter and more of the city’s mainstay young competitors holding firm alongside their veteran icons.

In the end, San Clemente came back and took the win over Newport, but the most exciting development was hometown Dana Point Surf Club taking third place and moving them into the “High Third Wildcard” – which will see the highest season-scoring third-place club from the four WCBR regions moving into the 2024 Wheat Cup Championship presented by SURFER.

WCBR Berdels at the Lane put the North region’s best toe-to-toe to determine who would take the 2023/2024 title – and bragging rights heading into Lowers. Santa Cruz, Central Coast, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Red Triangle Board Riders all contested for the top two spots into the USBRC National Championships.

Central Coast Board Riders held a slim lead in the rankings over Santa Cruz Board Riders after taking a win on home turf at Morro Bay. But, Santa Cruz quickly recovered for a win at C-Street for the second event with everything left to surf for at Steamer Lane.

Sam Coffey of team Santa Cruz<p>Guerin Myal</p>
Sam Coffey of team Santa Cruz

Guerin Myal

The legendary Santa Cruz anchors of Anthony Ruffo and Peter Mel, accompanied by the town’s next generation of Autumn Hays, John Mel, Keanna Miller, Sam Coffey, Adam Bartlett and more, put on a show alongside proven veterans Shaun Burns and Matt Myers. The team’s dominance kept them atop the rankings to secure the North region and return back to Lower Trestles.

A battle for second place and a trip to the USBRC National Championships unfolded between Santa Barbara, Central Coast, and Ventura Board Riders. When all was said and done, Central Coast’s win at the start of the year and a brilliant runner-up finish held off the field by a narrow margin of 20 points.

Now, all that remains to determine the USCBR National Championships field is the South region finale that starts May 4th at Ponto Beach. Stay tuned for more coverage.