Samuel L. Jackson remembers the last time he saw Chadwick Boseman

After Chadwick Boseman died in August, his Marvel co-star Samuel L. Jackson paid tribute via Twitter, thanking him for his work and saying Boseman “will be sorely missed.” But on a recent appearance on “Tamron Hall,” Jackson revealed the last time he saw Boseman: In 2019 at the premiere of “Captain Marvel.” “We started talking about another project that I had hoped we were going to work on,” Jackson said. “And he was like, ‘I’m sorry y’all, I’m not going to be there but I wish we were going to work together’ ... we had planned it for a while.” After Boseman’s death, social media was flooded by photos of kids creating makeshift action figure funerals for his Black Panther character. “To lose him, I don’t even know if I would have been able to tell my kid that,” Jackson said. “I might have waited until they were older so that they could process it better.”