Sammy Baca Flying Through Our Feeds In Style With This Hectic Double Rail Ollie Into Bank

Clips like this you have to watch a few times to really digest just how gnarly the trick is. Sammy Baca is no stranger to getting buck and skating some hairy spots, and this Ollie over two handrails and into a brick bank is no different.

Speed, style, power—don't ever forget that Baca is still out there killing it in the streets, socks pulled as high as ever, getting us sparked to throw down our boards and get some of our own.

Looked like a stacked session, too. Geoff Rowley is there giving knucks, making it known that, "That was badass." Jeremy Wray is all smiles in the background. The squad was hyped, and why wouldn't they be? This was badass. And I'd be all smiles, all the same.

Baca is a real one and has such a core following of skateboarders across the globe who admire and respect what he's accomplished up to this point. Through all the phases, all his iconic video parts and timeless photos; memorable graphics and terrifying tricks he's pulled off, it's pretty rad to see that the fire is still burning as bright as ever.

This is a clip right here. We could watch this all day!

Video / @psockadelic @breezebloccloc @davehoang

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