Do You Have The Same Favorite Stuffing As The Rest Of Your State?

google most searched stuffings by state
The Most Searched Stuffings By StateGoogle

There's no doubt about it: stuffing reigns supreme when it comes to Thanksgiving sides. It's so important, in fact, that according to a 2021 report from Newsweek, it's the most popular Thanksgiving side dish in the U.S.

While there's no questioning stuffing's status, the popularity of the different types of stuffing state by state is truly intriguing. Just ahead of Thanksgiving, Google Trends has released a new map that showcases "Uniquely searched stuffings by states in 2022." And it reveals some interesting data for sure.

Some of the most searched stuffings come as little surprise. In Southeastern states like Alabama and Georgia, "cornbread dressing" is the most searched. A bit more surprising is the fact that "cornbread stuffing" is also the most searched stuffing much farther north in Oregon, Michigan, Maine, and a handful of other states.

In the Northeast and California, meat-based stuffings are among the most popular searches, with "sausage stuffing" and "turkey stuffing" being the most common.

Easily the most bizarre of the stuffing searches is "red jello stuffing." This scarily peculiar side was allegedly the most searched stuffing in the state of Oklahoma. Surprisingly though, a Google search of "red jello stuffing" failed to provide any additional info or a recipe for the dish. We're a bit relieved, honestly.

Also, we have to hand it to North Dakota for making "keto cauliflower stuffing" their most searched stuffing. Going low-carb on Thanksgiving? That's truly commendable.

Are you surprised by your state's most searched stuffing?

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