Samantha Bee Is F*cking Over Trump

Donna Freydkin
·1 min read

Samantha Beerefuse to wear masksanti-vaxxersseparation of children and parents at American bordersFull Frontal with Samantha BeeWhat a week this has been, right? What a week.How did you feel watching what was doing down in the Capitol, with the rioters and domestic terrorists?Speaking of the Biden administration, I know you’ve met Kamala Harris. Is she as great as I assume she is?It seems like the best of times and the most insane of times to have a show dealing with politics, given how fast everything happens and you nail it every week. You’re a mom. Do some issues resonate with you more than others, given that you’re raising three kids? Do you see issues through a prism of parenthood? How do you talk about politics with your kids, in a way that makes sense to them?You and Jason both have big careers. And there’s a pandemic. How do you juggle two careers, three kids, and everything else going on?Do your kids have any idea that you’re a badass who is making a pretty big impact in the world? What are some topics you really want to dig into this season? Full Frontal With Samantha Bee is streaming on Hulu now.

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