Sam Smith & Madonna's Epic, Sexy, Collaboration Is Finally Here

madonna and sam smith
madonna and sam smith

Let’s get “Vulgar” with Sam Smith and Madonna!

The two boundary-pushing pop icons have teamed up and released the new song “Vulgar” today, turning up the heat for Pride Month!

As its title suggests, the song is sexy and slinky, with a heavy beat perfect for grinding in the gay club at 2am.

“You know you’re beautiful when they call you vulgar” Smith sings. “I do what I wanna, I go when I gotta/I’m sexy, I’m free, and I feel, uh, Vulgar.”

“Vulgar is beautiful, filthy, and gorgeous/Vulgar will make you dance, don’t need a chorus. Say we're ridiculous, we'll just go harder/Mad and meticulous, Sam and Madonna,” Madonna adds as the beat goes harder.

The two started teasing the collab back in May when both artists posted a quick teaser of them saying their names on Instagram with the letters “S X M.” Smith also teased the song in their Instagram stories, where they said that there would be a surprise at their Manchester show.

Unfortunately, Smith had a vocal cord injury and had to cancel that concert, so we didn’t get to hear the song until now.

They also teamed up when Madonna introduced Smith and Kim Petras when they performed their Grammy-winning hit “Unholy” at the Grammy Awards. In her introduction, Madonna praised Smith and Petras for being rule-breakers and boundary-pushers. Now, she and Smith have a new rebel anthem.