The Sam’s Club Holiday Treat That I Open Before I Get to the Check Out Is Finally Back

Don't mind me as I buy 10 bags.

If there’s one thing I will always be, it’s a Sam’s Club member. Between the great, money-saving deals and the exclusive Member’s Mark products, I’d miss out on too many things if I didn’t have a membership.

Shopping at Sam’s is especially great during the holiday season. Not only because you can buy your holiday ingredients in bulk and check off a few gifts on your Christmas list but also because my all-time favorite Member’s Mark product returns—the Member’s Mark Peppermint Almonds.

Sam's Club Member’s Mark Chocolate Peppermint Almonds Return to Stores

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Sam's Club

Sam’s Club launched its peppermint-flavored chocolate-coated almonds last year, and they were an instant fan favorite—myself included. The limited-time almonds are covered in dark chocolate and peppermint-infused white chocolate, then coated with crushed candy cane pieces for a sweet (and festive) holiday snack.

The Member’s Mark Peppermint Almonds are making their triumphant return this month to clubs nationwide, where you can grab a 20-ounce bag for just $9.98.

Believe me when I say you’ll need to stock up on at least two or three bags of these this season because once you start eating them, it’s nearly impossible to stop. Plus, they make a great addition to any charcuterie board or snack table you have at your holiday parties.

They’re the perfect balance of minty, crunchy, and chocolatey—and I can eat them by the handful. Though, admittedly, once I realized the bags were gone from my club, I only allowed myself a few almonds at a time so I could stretch the snack for as long as possible—because, yes, they’re just that good.

So, now that they’re back at the club stores, I can finally stock up again to prepare for the upcoming 10 months without them.

More New Snacks at Sam's Club in November

Sam’s Peppermint Almonds are among multiple snacks hitting shelves in November. But they're the only returning favorite—the rest of the snacks are new additions, which says something about the almonds and how much people like them, don’t you think?

In addition to the Peppermint Almonds, you can find Member’s Mark Girl Scout Thin Mints Trail Mix, made with Thin Mints pretzels, Thin Mints almonds, roasted almonds, pretzel balls, and green mini cups; Member’s Mark Milk Chocolate Popcorn Clusters, which feature popcorn stuck together with caramel, milk chocolate, and mini M&M’s; Popcorn Indiana Frosted Cinnamon Roll Popcorn, a popcorn coated with cinnamon and sweet frosting; and Member’s Mark Creamy Dill and Cheddar Puffs, a corn puff flavored with dill and Cheddar.

The limited-time items will be available at all clubs while supplies last. Let me say, I’ve tried all of these products, and not one of them disappoints.

In the spirit of gifting, I’m glad I could give this insider Sam’s Club knowledge to you—I’m also glad that I already added multiple bags of Peppermint Almonds to my cart before most people knew they were back.

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