Salma Hayek's happiness trick is giving us life

 salma hayek
salma hayek

Salma Hayek recently shared one of her favorite ways she cheers herself up if she's feeling low. 

Let's face it - we've all had moments where we're totally and utterly down in the dumps. It's an inevitable and frustrating part of life. Luckily though, Salma Hayek just shared a way we can remedy this feeling, and honestly, it's fool-proof.

Salma (who recently wowed in a red hot gown) was on the Kelly Clarkson Show to discuss her role in the final installment of the Magic Mike franchise where she discussed all of the lap dance mishaps that happened on set. She also shared an easy tip that she's personally found helpful in times when she feels down or defeated.

"I've got to say - girls, when you're sad, or you feel like you have no strength, close the door, put on some music, and dance like nobody's watching!"

Kelly Clarkson agreed. "I do that too!" she exclaims.

Salma also mentions that the trick works best when you dance "until you have chills."

"I love movement. It gives you power," she continues to say. Kelly jokes that, when she closes her eyes to dance, she imagines herself looking like Salma Hayek.

Salma posted a picture to her Instagram of her on a boat last summer in a bold red bikini - so, clearly, she has no problem "dancing like nobody's watching" - even if there are people watching!

We've got to say, Salma's theory makes sense. Dance is exercise, and exercising is well-known to release endorphins - which, ultimately, makes you happier. She's no stranger to exercising though, especially in the form of dance. In fact, Salma also recently discussed how a lap dance scene she had to shoot with Magic Mike star Channing Tatum nearly "killed her."

Salma Hayek married Francois Henri-Pinault in 2009
Salma Hayek married Francois Henri-Pinault in 2009

"There's one part that’s not in it where I’m upside down, and my legs had to be somewhere," she told Jimmy Kimmel, pointing to her shoulder, "But, upside down, one loses sense of direction, and I didn’t do what I was supposed to do, so in the rehearsal, I went, like, head down - almost hit my head."