Sally Field's son finally gets to meet crush, Adam Rippon. My heart.

More mothers should get involved in celebrity boyfriend advocacy work.

Just look at what Sally Field has been able to accomplish for her son in a short amount of time. Last month, Field announced that her son, Sam Greisman, had a crush on Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon. 

Greisman was finally able to meet Rippon at a gala dinner last night in Los Angeles.

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Look at the happy not-yet-probably-won't-happen couple.

In February, Greisman screenshotted a conversation he had with his mother about Rippon and shared it on Twitter.

"Sam .. he's insanely pretty," Field wrote. "Find a way."

Then, his mom blew up his spot.

It's unclear whether Greisman and Rippon will become a thing, but whatever. We're gonna hold onto this viral fantasy for as long as we can.

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