Your Saint Patrick's Day Tarot Reading to Boost Your Luck!

St Patrick's Day Tarot Horoscope 2024

Open your arms and get ready to receive! Saint Patrick’s Day, the time of the year in which the universe sends sweet luck our way, arrives on Sunday, March 17, 2024. This joyful and celebratory holiday activates feelings of faith, love, and hope for us all. Astrologically speaking, today features the yearly meet-up of the Sun with Neptune, the planet of magic. With the right attitude, this astral combination is a recipe for a dream come true. We pulled a Tarot card for your zodiac sign to act as your four-leaf clover lucky charm!

Aries: Ace of Cups

Crack your heart open, Aries! The radiance you emanate now is a reflection of the emotional or spiritual fulfillment you’re experiencing. Your ability to communicate and behave compassionately around this sweet holiday could mean the beginning of a new friendship or romantic relationship. On a more tangible level, this card speaks of your creativity being at an all-time high, boosting your ability to give birth to something beautiful!

Taurus: King of Wands Reversed

Move carefully, Taurus. The appearance of this card insinuates you’re working hard towards the materialization of an important goal or project. Its reversal, however, insinuates that your expectations might be too high. Luckily, the collaborators that surround you can help you steer things towards a more positive direction. Listen to them, as their input now functions as the lucky charm to manifest your desires!

Gemini: The Hermit

You’re a social butterfly, Gemini—but this Saint Patrick’s Day comes with an inward type of energy for you. Being a card of introspection and inner guidance, The Hermit affirms that this year, the fortune you’re seeking can only be attained by soul-searching and giving yourself the space to ask yourself questions, as well as give yourself the space to truly think your answers. So, before heading out to have some fun, plan some solo time to be alone with your thoughts.

Cancer: Two of Wands Reversed

Reconnect with your vision, Cancer. This fiery card speaks of manifestation potential being available to you, tuning into your desire to carry a specific plan forward. But its reversed meaning hints that the original plant to bring your vision to reality might need some tweaking. If you find yourself at a crossroads now, this card ignites your fortune when you choose the direction your heart points you to.

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Leo: Seven of Wands Reversed

Show your most courageous side, Leo! This Saint Patrick’s Day you might realize something isn’t panning out as you expected. But instead of letting this get to you, trust that everything is happening as it should. This card insinuates that luck will find you when you stand strong and keep fighting for what you believe in. Showing strength against the odds lets the universe know you’re serious when it comes to manifesting your dreams!

Virgo: Two of Swords Reversed

This Saint Patrick’s Day may find you at a crossroads, Virgo. You might be deciding between two jobs, two romantic partners, or two different routes concerning a specific situation. While you might think that a logical approach is the way to go, this card’s reversed appearance inspired you to, instead, listen to your inner compass. Your intuition (and not your head) is what will truly help you decide the most fortunate road to take.

Libra: Eight of Cups

Perk up, Libra! An emotional card shows up for this weekend’s festivities to remind you that while life has its downturns, there will always be a way back up! If something recently ended for you, the Eight of Cups shows up to remind you of the “law of response.” The more you think about and are grateful for all the good things in your life, the brighter the future looks!

Scorpio: Six of Pentacles Reversed

Don’t forget about number one, Scorpio. The presence of this card ensures your Saint Patrick’s Day will be abundant and oh so festive. But this is one of those times in which you might decide to splurge on others before you do so on yourself! You’re naturally giving—but before buying that round of drinks for your pals, ask yourself if that will prevent you from showing appreciation to yourself later on.

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Sagittarius: Queen of Wands

Get on that stage, Sagittarius! This year, there is a social and upbeat vibe to your Saint Patrick’s Day, so make sure to make some plans. As you jump from one party to the next, you will be the center of attention, radiating vibrancy and making connections left and right. Make sure to exchange information because someone you meet now could, later on, direct you toward a golden opportunity.

Capricorn: The High Priestess

A witchy Saint Patrick’s Day might be in the cards for you, Capricorn. Instead of partying it up, you might decide to celebrate with only a few friends who, like you, are currently diving into the mysteries of the universe. You might opt to pull Tarot cards or read each other’s astrology charts, showing everyone how much deeper your inner knowledge and wisdom have become. Allow The High Priestess to show you what true abundance means!

Aquarius: Knight of Swords

This Saint Patrick’s Day, you attract luck your way when doing what you do best, Aquarius, which is diving into long and epic conversations. While your buddies celebrate, you’ll be in the corner talking about politics, social issues, or the latest AI developments. Luckily, you’re bound to find someone with the keen intellect required to sustain a never-ending, inspiring conversation that is bound to leave you wondering, pondering, and desiring even more philosophical talk.

Pisces: Seven of Swords

Today is a big day for you, Pisces, as the sky brings the yearly meet-up of the Sun and Neptune in your sign. The manifestation of a big dream is possible around this time—but here’s the trick… The appearance of the Seven of Swords insinuates that you might be avoiding seeing the truth concerning this dream, which might lead you toward self-sabotage. Luck finds you this Saint Patrick’s Day when you dare to see and work with the truth.

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