Sadie Sink Opened Up About Her "Awkward" First Kiss With Caleb McLaughlin

Sadie Sink shared details about her first kiss with her Stranger Things costar Caleb McLaughlin.

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The big moment happened during the second season of the Netflix mystery series, when Sadie and Caleb were 15 and 16, respectively.

Caleb McLaughlin and Sadie Sink
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"We were both awkward," she told W Magazine of the scene. "But it was also funny because all our friends were there and all these extras and lights and music."

Sadie Sink and Caleb McLaughlin
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She continued: "It was nerve-wracking at the time, but I look back now and can laugh about it."

Sadie Sink and Caleb McLaughlin
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In 2017, Sadie said on Beyond Stranger Things that she only found out about the kiss on the very day they were meant to shoot it.

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Show co-creator Ross Duffer recalled that Sadie "reacted so strongly" to the news, he felt like he had to "make her do it" — which garnered some backlash at the time. But Sadie clarified that it had never been a real problem for her.

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"I always felt comfortable, and the Duffer Brothers, they do the best job," she said in an interview with the Wrap. "And always create a comfortable space. And if I felt uncomfortable with anything, I wouldn't have done it."

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You can read her latest remarks on kissing Caleb at W Magazine here.