New mom Sadie Robertson responds to fan who unfollowed her because of 'how much I brag and flaunt my body' after giving birth

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Sadie Robertson is setting the record straight about how her body has "bounced back" — or, rather, hasn't — since giving birth to daughter Honey in May.

In a candid new Instagram post, the actress and first-time mom shared that she's finally fit back into a pair of khaki pants she hasn't worn since the first month of her pregnancy. Robertson is pictured wearing the pants while clutching her daughter, celebrating the small milestone.

But the 24-year-old, who is married to Christian Huff, cautioned fans that there's much more to her postpartum journey, writing, "some moments you all saw and most you all did not see [because] that’s how social media goes."

The former Duck Dynasty star went on to explain that she'd recently received a direct message from a woman who told her that she and her daughters were unfollowing Robertson because of "how much I brag and flaunt my body and how hard it was for her to see my body after giving birth 'bounce back.'"

The feedback gave Robertson pause, prompting her to take the opportunity to clear up any misunderstanding about how motherhood has impacted her body and share about what the occasional swimsuit photo doesn't show.

"I could’ve told her that I didn’t 'bounce back' how you may perceive outwardly," she wrote of her former fan. "I could tell her about parts of me that haven’t healed yet. I could tell her about the bumps that I still have covering half of my body since birth [because] of a new allergy triggered by a stressful labor. I could’ve told her things my doctor has told me, and the counselor I saw helped me through. I could’ve told her how a lot of things I don’t tell people, but I didn’t."

Robertson told followers that she chooses to focus on the positive ways in which her life has changed since becoming a mom rather than be "defined by my body" or any flaws.

"I didn’t tell her that and I don’t post stuff like that [because] the truth is my year, my days and certainly my life are not defined by my body, and especially not the negative things my body is faced with because [to be honest] it’s done some awesome things this year I’d rather document!" she explained. "So I post the good mostly. Does that mean I’m bragging? That is certainly not my intent. I just feel as though we have better and bigger things to talk about.

"The last year of my life wasn’t about my body changing, but it was about me as a person growing," she continued. "Growing life, growing in love, growing in endurance, growing in consistency, in faith, in hope…growing in many things. I hope those are the things you saw. I honestly believe those things are more helpful to show than the bumps, the jeans not fitting, the workouts I can’t do and so on."

The new mom ended her message by challenging her followers "not to become insecure [because] of what someone" posts.

"Our confidence should not be found on the measure of how good or bad someone else is doing," she noted.

Candace Cameron Bure and surfer Bethany Hamilton were among those praising Robertson for speaking up.

"Haters gon' hate," read one comment. "This caption and the intent is *chefs kiss*."

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