Sad! Ronaldo's Girlfriend Vows to No Longer Buy Him Sports Cars for His Birthday

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"No More Birthday Cars," Says Georgina to RonaldoDaniele Venturelli - Getty Images
  • Celebrity couple Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez are known for their extravagant gifts to one another.

  • The last three birthdays, Ronaldo has received a luxury car from Rodriguez.

  • But Georgina insists the practice will stop, as gifting cars is no longer "original."

Celebrities: they're just like us! They have the same hopes, fears, and struggles. After all, who hasn't struggled with that classic gifting question, "What do I get my significant other for their birthday when I've already given them three cars?"

That's right, it is the end of an era for star athlete Cristiano Ronaldo and popular influencer Georgina Rodriguez. Now, you might say to yourself, "These are two beautiful, wealthy, and very famous people with the world at their fingertips, what problems could they have?" But you'd be wrong. For example, in promoting the second season of her reality series, I Am Georgina, Rodriguez revealed that after three years of gifting Ronaldo cars, she's had to stop, because "it's not original," according to Marca.

Yes, in much the same way that we have to feign enthusiasm when get yet another "One Free Hug" coupon on our birthdays, Ronaldo may have had to fake a smile when he received this year's gift: a Rolls Royce Dawn convertible that reportedly cost roughly half a million dollars. Because after receiving, as Marca reports, "a Cadillac Escalade (2021) and a Mercedes G-Class Brabus (2022)" for your last two birthdays, a third gorgeous luxury car would have anyone going, "Geez, switch it up a bit."

the rolls royce dawn
The Rolls Royce Dawn convertible, a gift we’d happily accept, no matter how "unoriginal."Martyn Lucy - Getty Images

Now, the celebrity couple has been embroiled in a fair bit of controversy and scandal lately. Ronaldo himself has taken a lot of flack for choosing to leave Manchester United in favor of taking a big payday to play in Saudi Arabia, which has had its fair share of controversy. And Rodriguez has been taking flack from the Spanish press about the move to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, too, with one news program stating, "She lives in a world apart and lacks a lot of information about life in general."

One has to hope, however, that people being critical remember that the couple in question isn't so detached from the "real world," and has the same struggles the rest of us do. Like what gift to buy when gifting cars has gotten too predictable.

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