Ryan Sheckler's LIFER Video Part raw edit is 18 minutes of gnarly skateboarding

LIFER raw edit

No one knows it better than Shecks. Three years of his blood, sweat and tears went into this one. Now it's time to go behind the scenes to see all the missions, all the spot-fixing, and of course the hard-to-watch slams. Check him out.

"Watch LIFER and ROLLING AWAY here: https://win.gs/watchrollingaway Ryan Sheckler always makes skateboarding look easier than it is. His new video part, LIFER, is no exception to that rule. But, believe it or not, this three-year-long video project came with its challenges, battles, and even serious injuries. In this Raw Edit, we pull back the curtain to see the attempts, bails, and makes behind Sheckler's latest ground-breaking video part."

Give our exclusive interview with Ryan a once over below if you missed it.

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