Ryan Seacrest Adds Adorable New Puppy to His Family

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Wheel of Fortune host Ryan Seacrest stopped by the set of his former show Live With Kelly and Mark (Of course back then, it was Live With Kelly and Ryan) to talk about the latest addition to his family, a sweet pup he named after olive oil!

Watch the following to see the cute interview.

Kelly says, "Um, speaking of love life, any new additions to your family that you want to talk to us about?"

Ryan replies, "I do...."

Kelly asks, You have a new love in your life?"

And Ryan replies, "Yes, we have a new puppy named Olio."

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Marks asks if he's an Italian dog and Seacrest hilariously answers "“Yes, he speaks Italian. Yes, he loves marinara, and he's named after olive oil.” He went on to explain that his other dog rolled her eyes for a couple of months, but now they are close.

Ryan also shared the following cute image to his Instagram account.

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Seacrest captioned the adorable post, "Your regular reminder of how much I love EVOO… Introducing our newest family member – Olio!"

Seacrest received Georgia , his black Labrador, as a gift from Simon Fuller in 2020. "I was always over there," he said in a July 2020 segment on Live With Kelly and Ryan. "I was at Simon Fuller's house ... watching probably a rerun of American Idol. He kind of looked at me playing with the dogs with that weird look like, 'Huh, you're going to be a dad one day.'"

Ryan continued: "Then, a couple of weeks later, a knock on the door and a little tiny, black, beautiful, cute puppy Lab shows up. I just thought that was the sweetest, nicest, kindest thing. So now, for life, Georgia is my partner."

When Seacrest said in the above video that younger dogs are good for older dogs, he wasn't wrong.

Why Your Dog Needs Their Own Dog

Dogs are highly social animals, and having a doggy sibling can alleviate feelings of boredom or loneliness. An amused dog will be a less destructive dog!

Dogs learn from and copy each other, so having a dog and adding another dog to your family may aid in training the new dog, especially when it comes to getting them housebroken.

Dogs love playing with each other, so two pups that can run around and chase each other means they will be getting exercise and improving their heart health and muscle tone.

For the owners, having two dogs means experiencing double the joy, love, and unique personalities. It's so much fun watching two dogs play together, go on walks together, and cuddle each other.

Plus, adopting another dog into your family means you'll be saving a life, and making space in a shelter for another homeless dog to get a chance to find his forever family.

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