Ryan Reynolds Blames Hugh Jackman For X-Men Origins: Wolverine Being Bad, Because Of Course

 Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are getting ready to appear together in Deadpool 3, and fans could not be more thrilled. Getting Deadpool and Wolverine together has been something that a lot of people have wanted to see, both for the characters and the actors who play them. But let us not forget that these two have worked together before, on an infamous film called X-Men Origins Wolverine. It’s a black mark on the history of the franchise, and Reynolds blames it entirely on Jackman.

Speaking at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival (via Variety), Reynolds talked about several of his upcoming projects, including the highly anticipated Deadpool 3. While we don’t really know what to expect from the film, other than who is playing the villain, Reynolds took the opportunity to lay their last collaboration entirely at Wolverine’s feet, saying…

Everyone’s expecting me to eviscerate Hugh Jackman but I will say he was one of the first movie stars I ever worked with, back in 2007, on an absolute trash fire called 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' — that one was on him.

I mean, technically it was a Wolverine movie, which made it Hugh Jackman’s project that Ryan Reynolds was appearing in. This is in juxtaposition to Deadpool 3 which is a Ryan Reynolds movie that will include Jackman. I guess if you look at it that way, you can totally blame Jackman for the film. Most fans agree it was pretty bad.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine generally regarded as the worst of the X-Men movies, and Hugh Jackman’s worst outing as Wolverine. This is largely still the case, even if you ignore the absolute abomination that was the film’s version of Deadpool. Although considering how much mileage Reynolds has gotten out of making fun of that movie in the Deadpool franchise, maybe it was worth it.

While Reynolds does try to avoid taking credit for the “trash fire” of a movie, he follows up this comment by talking about how Deadpool 3 will probably not be a movie where Deadpool just kicks Wolverine’s ass, in part because while the movie might have been bad, Hugh Jackman is great, and that’s something he learned on the set of X-Men Origins.

Jackman and Reynolds like to portray an ongoing feud between the two of them, which is where comments like this one about it all being Jackman’s fault come from. But Reynolds has also publicly said that the Wolverine actor is just one of the nicest people he has ever known. It seems that in part the ongoing "feud" takes place because they both think it's funny to be publicly terrible to each other because neither of them is actually that bad.

If Deadpool 3 is great, you can bet Ryan Reynolds will take all the credit, and to be fair, he’ll probably deserve at least some of it.