Ryan Reynolds was asked about work-life balance and had the best response

As a Hollywood actor, Ryan Reynolds is used to fielding questions about his career, Canada, social media comedy, and working out. But on Monday, he was pleasantly surprised when he was asked about his family, a rarity for men in his position.

Appearing alongside the cast of Deadpool 2 on Monday at BUILD, an audience member wanted to know from the 41-year-old, “How do you find that balance between coming home, being with the kids, and still being 100 percent at work?”

To which Reynolds gleefully responded, “That’s so nice when you ask a dude this.”

The actor’s co-star Morena Baccarin added, “I was glad it was directed at you, and not the other mom in the room,” before Reynolds turned toward Josh Brolin to ask, “Who are you wearing?” The conversation took a playful start, but Reynolds answered with honesty and sincerity.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively with daughters James, 3, and Ines, 1. (Photo: Getty Images)
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively with daughters James, 3, and Ines, 1. (Photo: Getty Images)

“For me, it’s really about prioritizing,” he said. “We’re lucky enough — and this is an obscene luxury — that we can avoid sort of saying, ‘OK, well, Blake you’re gonna go to shoot a movie in Thailand, while I’m shooting this movie in Vancouver.’ We sort of trade off.” He added that, in fact, after the Deadpool 2 promotional tour, he’s off to her set and will “just watch the kids and be with the kids. I never want to be on my deathbed, and look back and just go, ‘Oh, I missed out.’ I love being with my kids.”

Brolin attested to the actor’s sentiment about prioritization, saying that Reynolds is “very good at it.” Although Reynolds and Lively’s parenting process might not be something totally new, it’s different to hear it from the husband’s perspective.

Through initiatives like #AskHerMore, women in Hollywood have to plead with reporters to be asked about the work that they’re doing, rather than focusing on what went into their appearance or how they’re able to manage working after having kids. However, this particular example with Reynolds demonstrates that men want to be asked more as well — while simultaneously taking pressure off women, who are thought to make more sacrifices for the sake of parenting. But it isn’t the first time that Reynolds has spoken out about something unexpected.

Last week, he opened up about his mental health struggles in an interview with the New York Times, admitting that he deals with an anxiety disorder. Again, the admission was refreshing coming from a man, as they disclose information about mental health less than women.

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