Ryan Gosling Just Shared This Chef-Approved Hack for Creamier Hummus

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And it's so easy.

<p>Scott Kirkland/Disney/Getty Images</p>

Scott Kirkland/Disney/Getty Images

When you think of famous cooks, Ryan Gosling probably doesn’t come to mind. But the actor admittedly loves to spend time in the kitchen.

In an interview with IMDb, Gosling and The Fall Guy co-star Emily Blunt each discussed their special skills. Blunt immediately jumped in, revealing that Gosling is an avid baker.

“He can bake a muffin like nobody’s business,” she says through a laugh. Gosling confirms that he can not only make some yummy baked goods, but he also has some technical skills up his sleeve.“I can flute a pie crust,” he adds.

It’s not only sweet treats that this Ken is a pro at. Gosling co-owned Beverly Hills-based Moroccan restaurant Tagine, and he shared a tip that he learned to make the best hummus, which perked up our ears.

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“I learned that if you put ice in your hummus while you’re blending it instead of water, it gets a lot creamier,” Gosling says. “It’s just a little fun tip, just try ice in your hummus.”

Wait, blending ice in hummus? Yes, really. Not only do we adore Gosling’s passion for creamy hummus, but this tip actually works. It’s one of the known chef secrets for creamy hummus that we have collected, alongside other methods like peeling the chickpeas and swapping out olive oil for more tahini. Adding ice cubes to the warm blend will help aerate the dip, creating a desired smooth and thick consistency.

Hummus is so fun to make at home, and it’s also an incredibly healthy snack. It’s packed with fiber and plant-based protein, thanks to the chickpeas. Plus, when paired with crunchy veggies for dipping, it makes for a nutritious, satisfying bite.

Pull out your blender and try Gosling’s approved hack—we think hummus lovers, including the actor/foodie himself, would love recipes like our highly rated Garlic Hummus and Double-Tahini Hummus. P.S.: If you’re in the market for a new blender, take a look at our recommendations for every kitchen task.

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