Russians detained Crimean Tatars for national flags

In the Bilohirsk District of Crimea, Russian security forces detained three Crimean Tatars for participating in a convoy with Crimean Tatar flags.

Source: OVD-Info Live, Crimean Solidarity

Details: Cars with Crimean Tatar flags attracted the attention of police officers – the Russian police detained Rustem Kurnosov, Enver Useinov and Ebabil Ibragimov.

The reason was participation in a convoy with flags – the activists would climb the rock with them.

The men were taken to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Department in the Bilohirsk District. Ibragimov was released after giving explanations, the other two continued to be held in the Department. Later it became known that reports were drawn up on Kurnosov and Useinov under the "arrest" article on organising an uncoordinated event.

According to Crimean Solidarity, a convoy of several cars was heading to the foot of Bila Skelia, its participants intended to make an ascent with Crimean Tatar flags.

"The cars were driving one after the other, but only two carried flags. There were no slogans or appeals during the movement. They took everyone's statements on the spot, then a police officer got into a car and accompanied them to the regional department in Bilohirsk," one of the activists said in a comment to Crimean Solidarity.

Later, the Bilohirsk District Court found the Crimean Tatars guilty of "holding a public event without submitting a notice of holding a public event following the established procedure" and imposed a fine of 20,000 roubles [US$ 160.86].

Note: On 26 June, the day of the Crimean Tatar flag is celebrated.

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