Russian Mandalorian fans just went on ahead and built themselves a full-sized Star Wars spaceship

Reid McCarter
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There is already more Mandalorian merchandise out there than anyone needs, but it’s still not enough for fans like Ayaal “JustAyaal” Fedorov, a Russian cosplayer and maker who decided a full-sized replica of the series’ spaceship pays better homage to the Star Wars show than a half-assed Baby Yoda board game or alien-shaped breakfast cereal.

Rather than content themselves with spray painting a couple of cardboard boxes silver on their way to a fan convention, Fedorov and his pals spent the last few months constructing a 45-foot long, 13-foot tall replica of the show’s Razor Crest ship. In a video from Reuters, Fedorov says he decided to make the ship after “[watching] the first season of The Mandalorian with the guys” and deciding, in a historic “dudes rock” moment, that he needed “to build the starship” he saw on screen.

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Fedorov documented the building process over on his Instagram page, showing how the ship has gone from a wooden frame to one of the most impressive, large-scale replicas we’ve ever seen. Clips and photos from his account show the immense level of attention put toward creating its faithfully reconstructed cockpit, which includes a Baby Yoda seat and controls that can even be turned on and used to manipulate parts of the ship. There’s no word yet as to whether the replica ship’s holds smells authentically of lizard eggs and the powerful stench of long-unwashed space armor, but we see no reason to doubt that these details would be present along with the rest.

The ship is now docked in a park in Yakutsk, Russia, where it stands ready to defend itself from vicious alien monsters, up to and including the fearsome, litigation-happy lawyers of Planet Disney who might arrive to claim copyright infringement. We don’t know what it will get up to in the meantime, but Fedorov’s posted some solid pictures of the ship, including costumed photo shoots.

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