Russia Like You've Never Seen it Before: the Most Amazing Aerial Shots Ever

Since 2003, photographer Serguei Fomine has been shooting Russia's most attractive natural, historical, and architectural objects from different aircrafts. This passion project has taken him to over 30 regions of Russia and had its share of dangers, including one incident in a balloon that landed in a swamp "with a great acceleration," says Fomine. By a miracle, his lenses survived. Fomine says his work never loses its allure: "It doesn’t matter what I managed to photograph on that day — a strict geometric pattern of the St. Peter and St. Paul Fortress, goose flock spilled over the Ob river, or the lake in the crater of the volcano in Kamchatka — while landing on the ground I catch myself on the same thought: "How beautiful the flight was!" Here's a look at some of Fomine's most breathtaking shots.