The Rush: Washington’s unnamed NFL team sinks even lower after bombshell report

Fifteen women who used to work for Washington’s unnamed NFL team allege abuse and a toxic, hostile work environment under owner Dan Snyder, the NBA bubble popped as Pelican star Zion Williamson left Orlando to attend to an urgent family medical situation, and the NFL announced that 72 players tested positive for COVID-19 as Texans DB JJ Watt took to Twitter to voice his concern that the league isn’t ready to open camps this weekend. PLUS: It’s complicated for Danica Patrick and Aaron Rogers, Congress isn’t the most dysfunctional office in DC, and if Zion is done, we have his last dunk!

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JARED QUAY: I hope you enjoyed that dunk off the inbound pass because that might be the last you see of Zion Williamson for a while. He left the NBA bubble yesterday to attend to urgent family matter. So prayers up for Zion-- whatever he's dealing with.

Now using Zion popping the bubble would be the first, last, and only story. But yesterday, the NFL had itself a day. After a week of anticipation, "The Washington Post" finally put the city's unnamed football team out of its misery. 15 women who used to work for the team told the paper about the coach and rampant sexual harassment.

Team owner Dan Snyder and former team president Bruce Allen weren't named. But a former employee, Julia Payne, said she's never been in a more hostile, manipulative environment. And she works in politics. Woo, that's bad for the Redskins.

The team addressed accusations in the article saying, they take issues of employee conduct very seriously, which is good. Of course, they also somehow managed to sneak in a slur in there. So, you know, baby steps.

And while Washington's front office is burning, it ain't exactly Skittles and sunshine for the rest of the league. Except for Marshawn Lynch. There's always Skittles for Marshawn Lynch. The NFL announced yesterday that 72 players tested positive for COVID-19.

- But who's counting at this point, am I right?

JARED QUAY: And while that's a good stat for players to know, JJ Watt is more worried about what they don't know. Yesterday, he tweeted that players still don't know if there'll be a pre-season, or how often they'll be tested, or what happens if someone tested positive, or even what training camp is going to look like, which, by the way, starts on Saturday for rookies. It's bad.

So look, NFL, y'all gotta get y'all [BLEEP] together quick. Otherwise, this 2020 season's going to suffer the same fate as Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers. Yeah, that's right. DanicAaron broke up yesterday.

- What's the point of going on? What's the point of living?

JARED QUAY: See, I told you it wasn't a good day for the NFL. I wasn't even sure if I was going to mention that. But, you know, sometimes it's better to hear bad news from me because I got a good, happy, upbeat energy. And sometimes you can hear bad news from somebody with low energy like Larry King or somebody, and it feels like double bad.

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